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Kandhaswamy Temple, Cheyyur, Chengalpattu

Kandhaswamy Temple, Cheyyur, Chengalpattu

Kandhaswamy Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Lord Murugan located in Cheyyur Town in Cheyyur Taluk in Chengalpattu District of Tamil Nadu. The temple is considered as Thirupugazh Sthalam as the presiding deity is praised by Saint Arunagirinathar in his Thirupugazh hymns. The temple is currently maintained and administered by the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamilnadu. 


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The Temple was believed to be built by Cholas in 10th Century CE. This town was known as Jayamkonda Chola Nallur and Virarajendra Nallur during Chola period. The inscriptions from the Vijayanagar Empire during the 15th century CE indicate that Muslims were employed in the office of the kings. They also indicate that lands were endowed to the temple by the Muslims. The shrine of Meenakshi was added by a benevolent devotee in 1937. The temple is maintained and administered by the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamil Nadu.

The Temple

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Temple Opening Time

The Temple remains open from 07.00 am to 11.00 am and 04.00 pm to 9.00 pm.

Worship Practices & Festivals

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Literary Mention

Arunagiri Nathar, a 15th century Saint, visited Cheyyur and revered Lord Murugan of this temple is his Thirupugazh Hymns. The verses of the Thirupugazh are found inscribed in the wall of the Artha Mandapam. Also, there is an idol of Saint Arunagirinathar in the temple. Andhaka Kavi Veeraraghava Mudaliyar has composed the Cheyyur Murugan Pillai Thamizh and Cheyyur Kalambakam. Cherai Kaviraja Pillai has composed Cheyyur Murugan Ula, Sri Murugadas Swamigal has composed Cheyyur Murugan Pathigam and Sivaprakasa Swamigal has composed Nenju Vidu Thoothu.


During Theipirai Ashtami, the devotees worship the Vedalam representing their Nakshatra (birth star). Special archana is performed to Vedalam with Sevvarali flowers. Finally, special pooja is performed to Bhairava with 8 different types of flowers. This day is considered important for Bhairavar worship, as Bhairavar is considered as authority of Vedalams. Devotees believe that worshipping Lord Bhairava and Vedalams on this day, will make Bhairava to convey their wishes to Lord Murugan and their wishes will be fulfilled by Lord Murugan subsequently. People worship Shiva Guru Nathar in Koshta for blessings of Guru and Brahma Sastha in Koshta for changing their ill fates.


Kandhaswamy Temple,

Cheyyur – 603 302

Chengalpattu District

Mobile: +91 94447 29512


The Temple is located at about 500 metres from Cheyyur Bus Stand, 5 Kms from Cheyyur ECR Junction Bus Stop, 16 Kms from Alamparai Fort, 23 Kms from Melmaruvathur, 23 Kms from Melmaruvathur Railway Station, 27 Kms from Maduranthakam, 50 Kms from Mahabalipuram, 50 Kms from Chengalpattu, 57 Kms from Puducherry, 102 Kms from Chennai Airport and 104 Kms from Chennai. Direct buses are available from Maduranthakam to reach Cheyyur. Devotees can also take ECR bound buses to Puducherry and need to get down at Cheyyur ECR Junction Bus Stop or Ellaiamman Bus Stop after Koovathur. The temple is situated at about 5 Kms from this Bus Stop. Share Autos are available from this Bus Stop to reach the temple.

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