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Vedapuriswarar Temple, Cheyyar, Thiruvannamalai – Legends

Vedapuriswarar Temple, Cheyyar, Thiruvannamalai – Legends
Tirugnanasambandar converting Male Palm Tree to Female Palm Tree:
Many years back there was often flood in the river. Due to that the walls of the temple were get damaged. To avoid this damage one devotee of this temple raised the banks and planted Palm Trees (பன மரம்). All the trees were male tree and not a single female tree. There were no fruits (ொங்கு) from the trees.  On seeing this few Jains started mocking at the Siva devotee and telling them that this is the power of lord Siva. They challenged let lord Siva change these trees to female and get the fruits. Only then we believe in Siva. The worried devotee mentioned this to the visiting Tirugnanasambandar about this.
Tirugnanasambandar sung a Thevara Pathigam and in the end of the Pathigam he sung “குரும்பை ஆண்பனை ஈன்குலை ஓத்தூர்". Immediately with the grace of Lord Vedapuriswarar all the male trees were transformed in to female trees and yielded the fruits. On seeing this all Jains in that area converted to Saivism. Even today we can see the stone palm tree in front of Ambal Sannithi. Poojas are conducted for this tree.
Story behind Nandhi facing outside:
The Nandhi in this temple will not be looking towards Sannadhi. It will be facing outside. As Siva teaching Vadam to all the Devas and Rishis, he had instructed the Nandhi not to allow anyone except Devas and Rishis. Due to this reason Nandhi is facing outside.
Another Story behind Nandhi facing outside:
The King Thondaman had very strong faith on Vedapuriswarar. Once he was defeated by another king Visuvavasu. Thondaman lost his confident and prayed Lord Vedapuriswarar. The Lord gave lot of strength by providing his support and instructed Nandikeswarar to help Thondaman to win the war. To go with Thondaman Nandhi was looking outside.
Parvathi made Cheyyar River with her Trisula:
Legend says that Goddess Parvathi (Balakusalambigai or Ilamulainayagi) made a line on the earth's surface with her Trisula to make a river for her son, Lord Muruga to play.
The temple was where Shiva preached Vedas to the Devas hence the name Vedapureeshwarar and the place was called Thiru vedapuram or Thiru odhu Puram in Tamil now corrupted to thiruvettipuram.

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