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Kandhaswamy Temple, Cheyyur – Legends

Kandhaswamy Temple, Cheyyur – Legends


Surapadman was the son of Varangi, an apsara and Asura Rishi Vajranga. The couple had three sons and two daughters, and then the rishi went to meditate again for centuries. Hence, the siblings grew up to be Asuras. Surapadma did a very long penance to Lord Shiva. As a result, he was granted a boon that no one except Shiva's offspring, born without Shiva's union with a female, in any nature, could either kill or defeat him.

This boon resulted in a highly negative effect, as Surapadma took it to his head, and he conquered the mortal world, either by direct war, or by subjugation as inferior rulers. He established a capital of empire at Thiruchendur, two miles into the sea, and gave parts of his vast empire to his brothers. Meanwhile, his sister's arm was amputated by a (Ayyanar) guard of the Indrani, as the sister was trying to get the queen for Surapadman as a concubine.

This angered Surapadman, who then conquered the heaven, and took all devas as prisoners and tortured them. Lord Shiva had meanwhile created a Son, Murugan also known as Karthikeya, from his forehead flames. The boy was extremely handsome and well talented with war and all other aspects. He started to march towards Thiruchendur, with the mortal army of Veerabhagu brothers. 

Tarakasura, younger brother of Surapadma, ruling the entrance empire at Thiruporur. He fought Tarakasura in air at Thiruporur. He defeated him Tarakasura and made him the elephant mount for Lord Ayyanar. Lord Murugan fought Simhamukha in land at Thiruparankundram, defeated him and made him the lion mount for Mother Parvathy. The final battle arose between Murugan and Surapadma in sea at Thiruchendur.

Lord Murugan defeated Surapadma and made him as his peacock mount. Lord Murugan got afflicted with sin for killing Surapadma and his son Iranyeswaran. To propitiate himself from the sin, he is believed to have installed a Shiva Linga named Somanathar at this place and worshipped him. As the son (Sei) of Lord Shiva worshipped Lord Shiva, the place came to be called as Seyur and later got corrupted to Cheyyur.


As per legend, Bhutaganas (Vedalams) of Lord Shiva’s army under the command of Bhairava helped Lord Murugan in his battle with Surapadma. After the battle was over, Bhootaganas informed Bhairava that they wanted to have darshan of Lord Murugan with his consorts Valli and Devasena. Lord Bhairava conveyed the wishes of Bhootaganas to Lord Murugan. Lord Murugan informed Bhairava that he was about to worship Lord Shiva at Cheyyur daily. Further, he said that if they wanted to have darshan, they can come to Cheyyur. As informed, Bhairava came to Cheyyur along with the Bhootaganas and had their divine darshan. It is believed that Bhairava along with the Bhootaganas are worshipping Kandaswamy daily during Ardha Jama Pooja.

Nava Vinayagar Shrines:

There are nine Vinayagar shrines situated around the temple on the four Mada Veethis (Streets). These Vinayagar shrines were said to have been worshipped Navagrahas and represents each planet.

Other Names:

Cheyyur was also called as Seyoor, Jayam Konda Chozha Nallur, Veera Rajendra Nallur, Jayamkonda Cholapuram, Seigaiyampathy and Valavapuri. 

Lord Muruga dharshan to Saint Arunagirinathar here:

It is believed that Lord Muruga gave dharshan to Saint Arunagirinathar here.