Thursday, December 31, 2015

Adhinathar Jain Temple, Vizhukkam, Villupuram

Adhinathar Jain Temple, Vizhukkam, Villupuram
In the middle of Tindivanam and Gingee connecting road, on the north side of the road, Vizhukkam village is situated. A beautiful Jain temple was built in 16th century influenced by the Dravidian Temple architecture. In the sanctum, Lord Adhinathar is main deity.

Rectangled fortified walls of corridor with entrance, crowned by tower. Shri Adhinathar in the sanctum and sanctorum had a shikara and kalasham. Annexure with a artha mandapam consists of Shri Parswanathar statue; alloy idols of Thirthankars, Yakshas, Yakshis, Nandeeswara deep model, Meru and etc.  

The Temple has terraced   Muga mandapam with Shri Kooshmandini shrine. Around the structure, Shri Adhinathar, Shri Vimalanathar, Shri Mahaveerar statues resided in Devakottam of outer wall.

In front, an altar & Manasthampam were erected. On the northwest a big pavilion; southwest the twenty four Thirthankars foot-steps were arranged, then Navagraha Thirthankars chamber, next the shelter of Golden chariot, Shri Padmavathi shrine and Shri Shetrabalagar shrine were built.

Few years back Mr. J. Ajithprasad, Best teacher awardee, native of the village (taking more effort), devoted a beautiful Golden chariot and it is a notable occasion in the history of the temple.
Daily pooja, Nandeeswara deepa poojas, Navarathri festival conducted regularly. Apart from that Akshaya tirthiyai, Yugathi festival, Kanum Pongal festivals were celebrated annually.

Few meters from the north side of the temple granite footsteps of Shri Muni. Gunasagar is fixed. A mandapam also built near the place. On Yuhathi day Abhishekam (anointed) and aradhana has conducted by near villagers.