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Azhagiya Singa Perumal Temple (Tiruvelukkai), Kanchipuram – Legends

Azhagiya Singa Perumal Temple (Tiruvelukkai), Kanchipuram – Legends
The Name Velukkai:
Of the Avatars-incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Sri Narasimha Avatara is considered great representing his “Protection Readiness” for his devotees.  In this Avatar he came to the rescue of his devotee instantly from a pillar.  After destroying Hiranya, Lord wanted peace. Velukkai is derived from Vel (desire) and irukkai (place of stay), meaning the place where Vishnu desired to stay, which became Velukkai from Velirukkai. 
It is believed that the original image of the temple was east facing standing posture of Vishnu as he appeared for Bhrigu Maharishi and later appeared as Azhagiya Singar. 
Saraswathy disturbing Brahma’s Aswamedha Yagna:
As per Hindu legend, once there was an argument between Saraswathi, the consort of Brahma and Lakshmi on superiority. They went to Indra, the king of celestial deities. Indra judged Lakshmi as superior and not satisfied with his argument, Saraswathi went to her husband, Brahma. He also chose Lakshmi to be the superior one. Saraswathi was unhappy with the decision and decided to stay away from Brahma.
Brahma did a severe penance praying to Vishnu and did an Aswamedha Yagna. Saraswathi was still angry that the yagna, which usually is done along with consorts, was done alone by Brahma. She tried to disrupt the penance in various ways, but Vishnu interfered in all her attempts. After all the demons were killed by Vishnu, who were sent by Saraswati to destroy the yagna (penance) done by Brahma, she sent Kapalika, a demon. Lord Vishnu took the form of Narahari to kill the demon.