Sunday, June 12, 2016

Pandava Thoothar Perumal Temple (Thirupadagam), Kanchipuram – Greatness of Temple

Pandava Thoothar Perumal Temple (Thirupadagam), Kanchipuram – Greatness of Temple
Lord Krishna is praised as Pandava Thootha Perumal as he played envoy to Pandava brothers.  He is mentioned as Dhoodha Hari in the epigraphs here.  He also granted vision and darshan to blind king Dritharashtra in this place.  Acharya Manavala Mamunigal also had visited this place. Lord Krishna is the servant of his devotees in the noblest sense of the word.  He undertook the job of a messenger for Pandavas the five brothers to speak to Dhuryodhana to get back their share of land.  Hence, He is praised as Pandava Dhoodha.  
He revealed his Vishwarupa darshan to blind Dridharashtira (father of the wicked Dhuryodhana brothers misled by their uncle Sakuni) in this place.  The epigraphy in the temple shows the Lord’s name as Dhoodha Hari. This is the place where the Lord graces his devotees with his Viswapadhayoga powers pressing his feet on earth.  Step by step and Angapradakshinam circumbulating award the devotee with many benefits.  Lord Krishna is 25 feet tall in a sitting form.
The place also has the reputation of the presence of Sri Arulala Perumal Emperumanar Yajnamurthy who challenged Sri Ramanuja for a debate. The debate went on for 18 days.  He finally surrendered to Sri Ramanuja and became an Acharya for great saints then. Rohini Devi worshipped Lord here and got the hands of Moon God in marriage.  
Of the 27 star Devis, Moon married Rohini first having ‘wisdom powers’ followed with Kruthika (also a star deity) having Agni (fire) powers.  He married other star deities later.  It is said that Rohini Devi is worshipping the Lord in this temple invisibly every day.  Those born in Rohini star are advised to worship in this temple on the star days, Wednesdays, Saturdays, Ashtami days and on the 8th of each month.
Rohini starrers seek association with learned scholars and are majestic in appearance.  They are fond of touring.  They are religious and follow rituals and love fine arts as music and dance.  They are popular. Lord Sri Krishna graces sitting under the Badra Vimana (tower above the sanctum).