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Vilakkoli Perumal Temple (Tiruththanka or Thoopul), Kanchipuram – The Temple

Vilakkoli Perumal Temple (Tiruththanka or Thoopul), Kanchipuram – The Temple
The Temple is located in Vishnu Kanchi along with most other Vishnu Temples in Kanchipuram. The temple has a three-tiered Rajagopuram, the gateway tower. The temple has a rectangular plan surrounded by brick walls and has two precincts. The central shrine of the temple has the image of the presiding deity, Deepa Prakasa Perumal in standing posture. There are shrines for Lakshmi Hayagriva, AndalVedanta Desika and Alwars.

This Temple in Kanchipuram centre is also called Tirutanka or Thoopul. The Lord here is called 'Deepaprakasar' or 'Vilakkoli Perumal' (One who had given light). Thayaar is worshipped as Maragathavalli Thayaar. It is the birthplace of Vedanta Desika. There is a separate shrine for Lord Hayagriva along with Vedanta Desika. The temple tank, Saraswathi Theertham, is located outside the premises. 

A shrine is dedicated to Vedanta Desika facing South is seen in the temple. The icon of Desika is believed to be installed by his son Nayinaar Varadhachariar. Murals depicting Vedanta Desika can be seen on the prakarams. The image is seen sporting Abhaya Mudra (palm displayed in attitude of protection). The temple practises Vaigasana Agama.

The Vimana above the Sanctum Sanctorum is called Srikara Vimana.  There are shrines in the temple for Mother Sri Mahalakshmi, Sri Andal, Lord Hayagriva, Vilakkoli Perumal, Azhwars, Garuda Bhagwan and Acharya Sri Vedanta Maha Desikaswami. The temple Vagana Mandapam is very huge.


The presiding deity is Sri Deepa Prakasa perumal or Vilakkoli perumal in a standing posture. The temple is among the 108 divyadesams of Sri Vaishnavas under Tondai Naatu divyadesams. There is a separate Sannadhi for Maragathavalli Thayar. Sri Deepa Prakasa Perumal Temple is glorified in Nalayira Divya Prabandham, the great canon, and the hymns were sung by the saints Azhwars.

Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar of this Sthalam is Sri Deepa Prakasa Perumal. He is also called as "Vilakkoli Perumal, Divya Pirakasar". Moolavar is in standing position facing West Direction. Thaayar is Maragathavalli Thayaar.
·        Prathyaksham for Lord Saraswathi
·        Vedantha Desikar
·        Lakshmi Hayagrivar
·        Deepaprakasar perumal
·        Maragathavalli Thayar
·        Andal
·        Alwars and Acharyas
·        Thiru Mangai Alwar - 2 Paasurams.
·        Saraswathi Theertham.
·        Srikara Vimanam.