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Sri Pachai Vanna Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram

Pachai Vanna Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram
Sri Pachai Vanna Perumal Temple is located in Kanchipuram at a distance of about 400 meters from the Kamakshi Amman temple on the main road from Chennai while coming through Bangalore highways and before Kamakshi Amman temple.

Pachai Vanna Perumal Temple and Pavala Vanna Perumal Temple are two separate temples situated in opposite directions in the same street. It is said that if one visits one temple, visiting the other is mandatory. Uniqueness is that these two temples collectively form a single Divya Desam. Pachai Vannan in a seated posture on Adisesha, also called Paramapadha Nathan.

Vishnu explanation of Ramavatara to Marichi Maharshi:
Marichi Maharshi was a staunch Vishnu devotee. He had a doubt. Why Lord Vishnu, though being highest of all, should take an avatar as a human-Ramavatara?  Even so, why and how he let Ravana abduct Mother Sita?  He wanted to have the answer from Lord himself directly. Lord granted darshan to the Rishi. The Rishi put forth his questions. He asked, “is it you who incarnated as Rama? How you could afford to let Ravana to abduct Mother Sita? Could this happen without your knowledge? Was it necessary that you had to travel long to Lanka to rescue her with the help of Sri Anjaneya, can’t you do it individually yourself?”

Lord explained. “This was an avatar to please everyone who loved me. Lord Shiva is very fond of me who incarnated as Sri Anjaneya. Many joined me in my mission. I enjoyed the company of all who loved me.” Adding, Lord further explained the family dharma that sons should respect and obey father and mother. Brothers should live in unity and how they should respect their sisters-in-law. How the characters of both men and women should be in order. This avatar was to set the rules for an ideal family.” Lord gave darshan to Sage Marichi as Pachai Vanna Perumal. Sage had his doubts cleared.

Naga Deepam in Mother’s Shrine:
Divine serpent Adisesha, serving Lord as his bed in the Milk Ocean was born as Lakshmana in Ramavatara accompanying the Lord in his great mission of establishing Dharma. Thus, Lord honoured Adisesha in his Ramavatara as his brother. When he granted darshan to Marichi, he could not become Adisesha here. He begged the Lord to give him the chance of bearing him. Obliging him, Lord appeared on his head in the form of Jyoti. Hence, Naga Deepam (lamp on Naga-serpent) is kept in Mother’s shrine.

Naga Deepam, the very form of Vishnu:
This Jyoti story has another backing too. Lord Brahmma conducted a yajna without inviting his consort Saraswati.  Angry Saraswathi caused hindrance to the Yajna in the form of a Jyoti. Lord Vishnu came there in the same Jyoti form and helped Brahamma to complete the rituals. Hence, Naga Deepam is considered the very form Lord Vishnu in the temple.

The Temple
Lord Maha Vishnu graces in the temple shining emerald green in a standing form. Mother has the attributes of three Mothers. Pachai Vannan in a seated posture on Adisesha also called Paramapadha Nathan. Lord Vishnu appears green as emerald, hence praised as Pachai Vanna Perumal – Pachai Vannam-emerald green.  As he granted darshan to sage Marichi alone, Mothers are not with him in the sanctum sanctorum. He granted darshan as Rama to the Rishi, hence worshipped as Lord Rama and Mother as Sita.

Also the colour of planet Mercury-Budha is green. As the Lord of the planet, devotees worship him with green clothing and Tulsi leaves archanas for relief from any adverse aspect of this planet. Just opposite here is the Pavala Vanna Nathar temple, (red as a coral) one of the 108 Divya Desas. Worshipping Perumals – Pachai Vanna Nathar and Pavala Vanna Nathar is a rare darshan opportunity for the devotees.

Mother Mahalakshmi blesses the devotees from a separate shrine. Generally Sri Chakra is installed in temples either opposite Mother’s shrine or nearby.  Here, Sri Chakra is installed in the shrine itself. Mother blesses her devotees in three forms, Sri Chakra Rupini, Mahalakshmi and Sita.

Theertham: Chakratheertham
Vimanam: Pravaala Vimanam
Temple Opening Time
The temple is open from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.
Vaikasi Visakam in May-June; Aani Thirumanjanam in June-July and Vaikunda Ekadasi in December-January are the festivals celebrated in the temple.
Those facing concern about the welfare of children, adverse aspects of serpent planets and doubtful attitudes pray to Lord Perumal. Devotees perform special Thirumanjanam to Lord and Mother.
Sri Pachai Vanna Perumal Temple,
Kancheepuram-631 502
Phone: +91- 44 - 2722 9540
Sri Pachai Vanna Perumal Temple is located in Kanchipuram at a distance of about 400 meters from the Kamakshi Amman temple on the main road from Chennai while coming through Bangalore highways and before Kamakshi Amman temple. Nearest Railway Station is located at Kanchipuram & Nearest Airport is located at Chennai.