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Pavala Vanna Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram

Pavala Vanna Perumal Temple, Kanchipuram
Thiru Pavala Vannam or Pavala Vanna Perumal Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, located in Kanchipuram, TamilnaduIndia. It is one of the 108 divyadesams or holy abodes of Lord Vishnu. Out of the 108 Divya Desam, It lies in the 54th place.

Here Vishnu is worshipped as Sri Pavala Vannar Perumal with his consort Pavalavalli Thayar. Moolavar is Pavala Vannan seen in standing posture facing west. There is another shrine opposite this Sannadhi about ½ km away. The Moolavar here is Pachai Vannan seen seated on Adiseshan. The two Sannadhis together are considered as one divyadesam.

Pilgrims swarm the temple premises to offer worship the lord during Vaikunta Ekadasi and the in the Tamil month of Margazhi. 

During a chat between Lord Vishnu ((Thirumal) and his consort Thirumagal (Lakshmi) in Vaikundam, She requested to the Lord that he might turn his dark complexion (karvarnam) to golden by getting the grace of Lord Siva who was executing the threefold job of creation, preservation and Destruction. The Lord agreed and left to the Kanchi shrine and created holy water in front of Veerattakasam using his chakra weapon. He took bath in Chakra Theertham every day and worshipped Veerattakasar with 14,000 lotus flowers. Lord Shiva, who was delighted, appeared with Uma Devi and granted his wish to change his complexion from dark color to golden color. Hence in this temple Lord Vishnu appears in golden color.

Pavala Vanam Temple, a prominent Vaishnavaite centre, was once visited by 3 Alwars, the great saints in Vaishnavite tradition, namely Peyalvar, Thirumalisai Alvar and Thirumangai Alvar. These three Alwars among the twelve sang songs on various forms of God. Besides, many eminent Acharyas have also penned down famous songs on different forms of God in this temple. The temple faces the western direction. 
The Temple
It is said that both the Pacchai and Pavala Vannan perumal has to be worshipped, without leaving any one of them. Opposite of Pavala Vannar Sannadhi, is the Pacchai Vannar Sannadhi found. Inspite of the Mangalasasanam not done in Pacchai Vannar Sannadhi, both these two temples are considered to be the single and have to be worshipped as a single Divya Desam. 

Pacchai Vannar, who is also called as "Maragatha Vannar" explains in this sthalam that he is the Hamsam of Lord Shiva and Pavala Vannar as the Hamsam of Para Sakthi. So it is said that by worshipping these two Sthalams at the same time, we worship both Lord Shivan and Parashakti.

Moolavar and Thaayar:
The Moolavar of this sthalam is Sri Pavala Vannar. Moolavar is also called as Paramapadha Nathan. Moolavar is in Irundha Thirukkolam on Adiseshan facing his thirumugham towards West Direction. 
Prathyaksham: For Brighu Maharishi, Aswini Devathai and for Parvathi. 
Thaayar: Sri Pavala Valli. Separate Sannathi for Thaayar.
·        Thirumangai Alwar - 1 Paasurams. 
·        Pavala Vimaanam. 
·        Chakra Theertham
Temple Opening Time
The temple is open in the mornings from 7.30 am to 11.30 am and in the evenings from 5 pm to 8 pm.
The temple follows the traditions of the Thenkalai sect of Vaishnavite tradition. 
·        Vaikasi Visakam – May/June
·        Aani Thirumanjanam – June/July
·        Vaikunda Ekadashi – December/January
Among the 12 Alwars (the great saints in Vaishnavite tradition) three of them namely PeyalvarThirumalisai Alvar and Thirumangai Alvar have sung on the different forms of God in this temple. Many Acharyas have also written songs on the various forms of God in this Temple. The temple faces west and the twin aswins have worshipped the Lord here.
Pavala Vanna Perumal Temple,
Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu.
Mobile: 9442810852
This sthalam is found near Railway station and is close towards Sri Kamakshi Amman temple in Big Kanchipuram. Kanchipuram is around 75 kms from Chennai off the Chennai - Vellore/ Bangalore highway via Sri Perumbudur.
By Road:
From Kanchipuram there are many auto-rickshaws that drive you to the temple. Kanchipuram is well connected by several bus services from Chennai and other places in Tamilnadu.
By Train:
From Kanchipuram Railway Station, private taxis are available to reach this temple. Kanchipuram rail-line is connected to Chennai, Pondicherry, Nagercoil and Madurai.
By Air:
Chennai is the nearest airport. From Chennai the temple in Kanchipuram is 75 kms away.