Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vada Badrakaliamman Temple, Mecheri, Salem – Services & Facilities

Vada Badrakaliamman Temple, Mecheri, Salem – Services & Facilities
Honourable Chief Minister’s Annadhanam Scheme has been commenced since 15.08.2002 date. Annadhanam is provided daily at 12.15 Noon. Annadhanam hall is equipped with stainless steel bench & Tables, Selling fan, RO Water for the benefit of the devotees.
Every day minimum 125 devotes are served and Every Friday minimum 150 devotes are served and every month Ammavasai Day 200 devotes are served.
Costs for providing Annadhanam by Devotees for Single Day are as follows;
·        Rs.2500/- for Normal Day
·        Rs.3000/- for Friday Annadhanam
·        Rs.4000/- for Ammavasai Day
·        Rs.20000/- for providing Annadhanam on any particular day in the year
The Temple have 8 (Eight) Rooms for the devotees to stay. These rooms are fully facilitated with attached Bathrooms and they are properly maintained by the authorities.
·        Ordinary Room per day (One day) Rs.250/- Room No: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
·        Ac Room per day (One day) Rs.500/- Room No: 7
·        Ac Room per day (One day) Rs.750/- Room No: 8
Those who want to stay must get the Identity Card with address from the office of this temple.