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Matrurai Varadeeswarar Temple, Thiruvasi, Manachanallur – Legends

Matrurai Varadeeswarar Temple, Thiruvasi, Manachanallur – Legends
Sarpa Nataraja:
Kolli hills was ruled over by ‘Kolli Mazhavan’. His daughter was bitten by a snake. He treated medically to save his daughter life and found no way. At last he gave up his hope and left her at the temple step and started praying the lord. Saint Tirugnanasambandar came to this place during his pilgrimage and found the girl suffering. The king explained to the saint the sick story of his daughter and begged him for remedy.  Saint Sambandar sang ten verses (Pathigam) in praise of Lord Nataraja with “Thunivar Thingal” as the first line.
As he completed each stanza, he sang “Mangai Vaada mayal seivado ivar maanbu” (“மங்கையை வாட மயல் செய்வதோ இவர் மாண்பு”) which means is it right to make this lady suffer?). Lord felt so happy and started to dance for his song, and brought back the snake and made it to take back its venom. Based on this event, Lord Nataraja appears here with his hair tied and dancing on a serpent. He is praised as Sarpa Nataraja. This is a rare darshan of the Lord.
Mother married Lord Shiva here:
Once a business man and a Shiva devotee called Kamalan was childless. One day when he was going home from the temple he heard a child crying and found a baby in a lotus flower. He named her Amalai and brought her up. When the child was ready for marriage, he wanted her to be married to his brother-in-law. Amalai was a great devotee of Shiva and so wanted to marry Shiva. Shiva came to their house as Kamalan’s brother-in-law and married Amalai.
After the marriage, they both left the house saying that they are going to the temple. After they left, original brother-in-law returned home, only then they realized something had happened. They went to temple in search of Amalai and knowing this, Amalai threw her anklet back and it turned to be a river and started flowing. This river came to be known as Silambu river but its name was later changed to Panguni river. Amalai was Parvathi Devi herself and Shiva and Parvathi Devi gave Dharshan to all the people on the Rishaba Vahana.
Mattru Urai Nathar:
Saint Sundarar used to get gold from Lord Shiva to feed and maintain Shiva devotees following him. After worshipping the Lord in Tiruvanaikkaa, he came to this temple and sang in praise of the Lord seeking gold. Lord Shiva kept mum. Angry Sundarar sang another Pathigam (ten verses) in a loud voice questioning whether there is one called Lord Shiva. Sundarar got the gold. Yet he was doubtful about its purity and was closely looking at it. Two men came there and asked the saint why he was looking at the gold. Sundarar sought their help in the valuation. 
One of them confirmed the purity of the metal while the other approved it. Both disappeared instantly. Sundarar sang again saying that he did not mean to doubt the Lord. Lord appeared before him and said that he alone was the assessor and his companion was Lord Vishnu. Hence the Lord is named Mattru Urai Nathar – God who confirmed the touch of gold – Mattru means the touch of the gold.
As Lord Brahma is believed to have worshiped the lord here, the lord is also known as “Sri Brahmapuriswarar”.
People worshipped Lord Shiva here:
It is believed that Lord Brahma, Goddess Parvathi, Goddess Lakshmi and Sage Agasthiar have worshipped Lord Shiva of this temple.