Friday, October 27, 2017

Thirukkadigai, Sholinghur – Prayers

Thirukkadigai, Sholinghur – Prayers
The belief is that by worshipping this Lord, the problems of mental disability, witchcraft and incurable diseases get dissolved. For conjugal problems, sterility and marriage impediments, the devotees offer prayers and are alleviated from their distresses. People have faith that to offer worship in this sacred place will relieve them from troubles such as loss in business, poverty and sorrow of old age. The unshakeable belief of the devotees is, by piling the stones and building a tower around the hill-path will give them sanction to buy a new plot or build a new house.
The traditional faith is that by taking a bath in the Narsimha pond will annihilate a person’s Brahmahatti sin. To perform charitable acts and distribute alms is equivalent visiting Gaya. Those who pray for issues, those with mental disorder and incurable diseases bathe in the pond and worship the Lord of the hill and Anjaneyar. The important offerings dedicated by the devotees are to offer rock-candy, jaggery, plantain fruits, give clothes, curd-rice, and conduct Abhishekam and poojas.
On all Fridays Abhishekam is performed to both the Lord and his Spouse. The ingredients used for the abishekam such as milk, curd, honey and sugar are known as ‘Panchamritham’ and are distributed as prasadam (the Lord’ blessings). If anyone pays the prayer-fees to Thaayar (Goddess), Utsavam is conducted for her. The devotees serve the Lord in different ways like creating temporary halls when the Lord goes in procession, building stone-halls and creating endowments.
Devotees believe that if a person visits the temple and spends 24 minutes on the hill, he/she will attain Moksham (salvation). The temple also attracts devotees who are in search of cures for mental disability and chronic diseases. Devotees perform Girivalam, (circumambulation of the hill) on Pournami days (full moon). On Sundays in Karthigai (November-December), people worship at this temple after taking a bath in the temple tank, Chakra Theertham. They lie flat on every step as they climb, as a penance. Devotees believe that the Lord comes and fulfils their wishes in their dreams.