Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dhandayuthapani Temple, Chettikulam – The Temple

Dhandayuthapani Temple, Chettikulam – The Temple
This ancient Muruga Kshetra built on the top of a hill has 240 steps in total commanding two flights of well-built broad stairs - one for ascending and another for descending. The temple has 240 steps to mount on and 243 steps to come down. Built in the Dravidian architectural style, it has vast courtyards and an imposing tower. Nityanaimithika worship is offered with great devotion. The speciality of the temple is that Lord Muruga faces the other Chettikulam temple belonging to his father Lord Shiva.

The presiding deity is a Swayambumurthy. On 3rd, 4th and 5th days of Masi (February-March) the rays of setting Sun fall on the deity. During the setting time, the rays will fall on the deity from foot to the face. Lord Muruga in Dhandayuthapani form has tonsured head in all temples. Against this established principle, Lord Dhandayuthapani graces here with Uchi Kudumi (Tuff of Hair on top of Head).  

The idol is 4 feet tall holding a sugarcane with 11 parting lines called kanukkal, a form nowhere available in Muruga temples. He is giving darshan in the Aandikola form is extremely generous in conferring boons on the devotees. The chief of Muruga’s army, Veerabagu graces here as Veerabadraswami.

The Pancha Nadhi River is always full of water. The rain water flows into the river through the herbal plants on the hill and has all medicinal properties. Lord Ganesha temple at the entrance was rebuilt in the year 2008 by Mr. M. Ramaswamy Additional Inspector General of Registration (Retd) and his wife Shakunthala Ramaswamy.

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