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Vellimalainathar Temple, Thiruthangur – Legends

Vellimalainathar Temple, Thiruthangur – Legends
This place unaffected during Pralaya:
Millenniums ago the world was destroyed by the great flood. Lord Shiva asked Lord Vishnu to create the world again. Lord Vishnu first created Lord Brahmma from his naval and ordered him to create a new world. Even during the great Pralaya the floods, one place stood unaffected with Vilwa trees. Wondered by the glory of the place withstanding the devastating currents of floods, the planets including the serpent planets installed a Linga each on the banks of Agasthya River and performed penance on Lord Shiva for 1000 years. 
Lord Shiva appeared before them, organized the new world into different zones and appointed each planet as the head of a particular zone and empowered them to treat people with rewards and punishments based on their good or bad deeds. Lord Brahmma came to this place and named the place as Navagrahapuram pleased with the planets. Devendhran came here and installed the Vellimalainathar Linga.  Mother was named Bhrihannayaki – Periyanayagi.
Mahalakshmi performed penance on Lord Shiva:
Mother Mahalakshmi had stayed in this holy place performing penance on Lord Shiva. Thiru = (Thirumakal), Thangur = (staying / living place) and this place is called as Thiruthangur)
Sukracharya regained his eyesight by worshipping Shiva here:
Asura Guru Sukracharya is believed to have regained his eyesight after worshipping Shiva here.
People worshipped Shiva here:
Navagrahams and Lakshmi worshipped Shiva here.

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