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Dhandayuthapani Temple, Chettikulam – Legends

Dhandayuthapani Temple, Chettikulam – Legends
Dhandayuthapani appearing as Old Man to King Parantaka:
In days of yore, the place was a forest of Kadamba trees. A trader on his way had to stay here at a night. About midnight, he saw a fire ball splitting light, in the midst of which a Shivalinga was being worshipped by Devas and Rishis. The trader informed the Chola king of what he saw. The Chola king rushed to the spot along with Kulasekhara Pandiyan who was his guest then. They saw an old man walking there with red sugarcane as his walking stick. He showed the king the place where the Shivalinga was hiding and disappeared in the form of a fire ball. 
When they looked at the eastern direction where the old man disappeared, they saw Lord Dhandayuthapani on a hill.  In ecstasy, the kings built a temple for Lord Ekambareswar and a temple for Lord Dhandayuthapani, according to the history of the place. Dhandayuthapani who appeared as an Old man here is enshrined in a hill temple in the vicinity. The Lord Muruga Idol has Uchi Kudumi (Tuff of Hair on top of Head). Also his darshan is in the Aandikola form.
Lord Muruga with Sugarcane in his Hand:
The Devas appealed to Lord Shiva in Kailash to protect them from the terrorism of the demons. Mother Parvathi was also present in the court. Lord Muruga rose up and promised to destroy them and got the Shakti weapon called Vel from his Mother. He returns back to his Mother to announce his victory over the demons and the destruction of their chief Sura. As a token of her congratulations to the victorious son, she gave the sugarcane held by her. Lord Muruga came to this temple with this sugarcane.
Lord Muruga darshan to Sage Agasthya:
Lord Muruga granted darshan to Sage Agasthya as a bangle seller called Valayal Chetty (Valayal-Bangle, Chetti- trader).
Lord Muruga helped Chola & Pandya Kings to quell Kannagi’s fury:
Lord Muruga is also said to have guided Chola and Pandiya Kings and helped them quell the fury of Kannagi and calm her in the form of Madhurakali.
Equivalent to Palani:
The place is also known as Vadapalani as Lord Muruga graces in a form as in Palani in south. The prayer commitments to Palani can be executed here.
Thirupugazh Sthalam:
Saint Arunagirinathar had praised the temple in his hymns.

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