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Kulasekara Swamy Temple, Sithamalli, Thiruvarur

Kulasekara Swamy Temple, Sithamalli, Thiruvarur
Kulasekara Swamy Temple is a Hindu Temple dedicated to Hindu God Shiva located at Sithamalli Village in Thiruvarur District of Tamilnadu. Presiding Deity is called as Kulasekara Swamy and Mother is called as Abhirami Amman. This Temple is also considered as sacred as Palani. The historical name of the place was ‘Munnoothi Mangala Agraharam. This Temple is situated western part of the Sithamalli on the bank of Deva Kulam (The Tank of Deva).

Parihara Temple for Mental Illness:
Pandavas were in a mental depression during their vanavasa and by worshipping the Kulasekara Peruman here, they came to normalcy; hence the name Sithamalli. The temple is considered to be a good parihara temple for mental illness / depression.
Scar Mark on Lingam:
Arjunan sent an arrow on the Shiva lingam since he was upset in not getting the darshan of Lord Shiva. The scar mark due to the arrow strike can be seen.
Siddhars worshipped Shiva here:
Shiva here was worshipped by the Siddhars.
Sithamalli called as Munnuthimangalam Agraharam in Mahabharata and "Suthamalli Sathurvethi Mangalam" in some inscriptions. The temple is considered more than 2000 years old. Kulasekara Pandyan built the temple in the 11th Century and was subsequently patronized by Rajaraja Chola III and Nayak kings.

The Temple
The Temple is having three tiered Rajagopuram and is facing west. The temple complex is huge and has beautiful artwork. Presiding Deity is called as Kulasekara Swamy and Mother is called as Abhirami Amman. The deity is said to calm minds seething with confusion and worries (Sidhdhathai Theliya Vaikkum Eesan) and hence the village was called Sidhdhamalli. Special pujas are performed to mark the event of the rays of the Sun falling on the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Kulasekhara in the evening, from February 15 to March 15.

There are niches for Meenakshi and Sundareswarar, Dhakshinamoorthi, Bhairavar. Dhandayuthapani is located in a separate Mandapam. This Dhandayuthapani Statue is made of single stone is very special and beautiful here. When you strike the Dhandam in his hand it sounds like bell metal. Narthana Vinayaga statue is there with Snake on its waist with dancing pose. Such type of Vinayaga is very rare to see in this world. Many people are praying this Vinayaga for remove their "Dosha".

There are shrines for Meenakshi and Sundareswarar, Dhakshinamoorthi, Bhairava, Surya, Ganesha, Baladandayuthapani, Subramanya with his consorts Valli and Deivanai, Chandikeswarar, Navagrahas and Narthana Vinayaga in this temple. Sithamalli Ground water is salt and not suitable for drink. But, this temple well water is very tasty. This is called as "Adhisaya Sunai" by local people. There are also Sri Devi, Boodevi samedha Sri Varadharaja Perumal temple and Sri Kalyana Vinayagar temple here.

Adishtanam of Sri Subramanya Yatindra:
Adjacent to the temple is the adishtanam of Sri Subramanya Yatindra, a scholar. This is the birth place of Poojya Sri Subramanya Yatindra Swamigal of Benares Hindu University and a Sanskrit Scholar, who was one of the Gurus and a Vedic teacher of Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi Swamigal; he attained Samadhi here in 1933. A disciple of Mahamahopadyaya Raju Sastri, Yatindra was one of the several pandits who trained Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi in Vedas, Upanishads and vyakarnam when he took over as the 68th pontiff of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam.

An ardent devotee of Paramacharya, Sri Yatindra looked after the administrative affairs of the Math. A trusted lieutenant of the sage, the latter commended him for his deep knowledge. He called him Eka Sandgrahi (after a single reading or hearing he could recall verbatim the contents) referring to his exceptional memory. Oh Yatindra request, Paramacharya bestowed him abadsanyasam. On November 9, 1933, Subramanya Yatindra attained Samadhi. His body was buried on the western side of Sri Kulasekara Swami temple and the adishtanam became a place of worship.
Vaikasi Visakam was celebrated with great fanfare.
Kulasekara Swamy Temple,
Sithamalli, Thiruvarur District
Phone: +91 – 4367 – 2815 2533
Mobile: +91 – 9840053289
The Temple is located at about 24 Kms from Thiruthuraipoondi, 30 Kms from Mannargudi, 8 Kms from Muthupettai, 29 Kms from Pattukkottai and 112 Kms from Trichy. Buses from Mannargudi and Muthupettai stop at Sithamalli. The temple is 10 minutes away on foot. Nearest Railway Station is located at Muthupettai and Nearest Airport is located at Trichy.

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