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Vilvaranyeswarar Temple, Thirukollampudhur – Legends

Vilvaranyeswarar Temple, Thirukollampudhur – Legends
Odai Thiruvizha:
When Saint Thirugnana Sambandar reached this place during his pilgrimage with his followers, he could reach the other side of the river to worship Lord Shiva. Vettaru River was in full flow. The boatmen left the boat on the bank and went away. Child saint Sambandar determined not to leave the place without Lord’s darshan here took a boat and used his devotional verse as the tool to run the boat and reached the other side with the grace of Lord. 
He completed the Pathigam - 10 verses then. He worshipped Lord and stayed in the place that night. This event ‘Odai Thiruvizha’ is held even now on Deepavali New Moon Day when the idol of Sambandar is taken to the other side of the river and then brought to the temple where the Deities of Vilwavaranyeswara and Soundara Nayaki give Dharshan to him.
Pancha Aranya Sthalam:
It is considered as one of the Pancha Aranya Sthalam known to be "Vilvavanam" the Fifth in order. Arthajamam (Puja performed in the Night) is very famous in this Sthalam. “Koovilam” is the Tamil name for Vilva Tree and the name Koovilampudur is said to have transformed as Kollampudur. The Vilva trees are said to be the splashes of the celestial nectar Amritam, and this Sthalam is considered on par with Kasi.
Brahmma worshipped Shiva here:
Among the various Shiva places Brahmma worshipped for relief from the Brahmahatti Dosha (a sin of committing a brutal murder- capital Dosha), this is one.  
Sage Durvasa got vision of Shiva’s Cosmic Dance:
Shiva is said to have blessed Sage Durvasa with a vision of his Cosmic Dance here.
Arjuna worshipped Shiva here:
It is believed Arjuna worshipped Shiva here.

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