Thursday, July 20, 2017

Dhandayuthapani Temple, Chettikulam – Prayers

Dhandayuthapani Temple, Chettikulam – Prayers
People pray here for happy wedlocks, child boon, for remedy from illness and other physical problems, favourable results in litigations, recovery of things lost, trade problems etc. and they strongly believe that Lord Muruga offers just solutions. The other natural advantage is that devotees go by steps to the temple breathing the healthy herbal breeze. Tonsuring, carrying Kavadi, offering things equal to their weight (Tulabaram), contributing cattle are the prayer commitments followed by devotees.
Those getting the child boon realized, make cradles of sugarcane and tie them in the temple. Some offer Vel – the weapon of Lord Muruga- made of silver and offer it to the Lord. Abishek is offered in milk, curd, green coconut, lime fruits, sandal, Panchamritham made of five ingredients, oil etc. They perform Kalasabishekam (kalasa-small metal pots) on Sashti days – 6th day either from new moon or full moon days.
Shanmuga Homa is devotionally performed by devotees. Feeding the visitors and usual abisheks are also performed by devotees. Childless couples make their wish on Shashti day by doing Milk Abishekam. When their wish gets fulfilled they bring their child in a sugarcane cradle and do circumambulation of the temple.

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