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Piravi Maruntheeswarar Temple, Thiruthuraipoondi – Legends

Piravi Maruntheeswarar Temple, Thiruthuraipoondi – Legends
Jallika got back his Husband from death by worshipping Shiva:
Jallika, though belonged to the demon community, was a staunch Shiva devotee. She was good in nature. Her husband Virupakshan was all cruel and preferred human flesh for his food. A young boy was proceeding to Ganga to perform shrarda (an annual ritual performed in memory of departed parents by sons). When Virupaksha rushed to devour the boy, Jallika prevented him saying that killing and eating Brahmins would turn into a poison and kill him in turn. The demon husband pushed her aside and devoured the Brahmin boy and died instantaneously.
Jallika rushed to Lord Shiva in Thiruthuraipoondi and cried saying that her husband was truly wicked and begged the Lord to give him back to her as she could not live without him. She also prayed that the Lord created only wise and noble souls and not flesh seeking demons. Moved by her prayers, Mother Periyanayagi appeared before her and restored both the Brahmin boy and her demon husband to life.
The boy asked the Mother what prompted her to restore his life though his fate was otherwise, Mother said that her grace would always rain on those who respectfully perform shrardha to ancestors and that she would grant the souls total salvation and place them in heaven. She told Jallika that she would not let any woman deprived of her Mangalsutra wishing the welfare of the husband however wicked he was and promised to correct him.
Worshipping the Lord on New Moon and Full Moon days:
It is believed that worshipping the Lord on New Moon and Full Moon days would free the devotee from any fear in his/her mind.
Gajasamahara Murthy:
Sages of Dharukavanam came to an arrogant conclusion that Lord Shiva gains power only through the Yagnas performed by them. Lord Shiva, to teach them a lesson, came to their place in the guise of a young beggar but in his alluring best. Their wives could not control their exciting comments on his handsomeness and followed him madly without noticing their dresses loosening. Meantime, Lord Vishnu too appeared before the sages as an enchanting angel whose beauty was beyond the power of words. They followed this woman as madly as their wives did after the young beggar.
Soon the Rishis realized that they had been fooled and became angry and wanted to revenge the Lord for the humiliation meted out to them. They created a ferocious elephant through a Yagna to kill Lord Shiva. Contrary to their expectations, the animal was killed by the Lord using its skin as a blanket to cover his body. Hence, the Lord came to be praised as Gajasamharamurthy. The sages shed their pride and surrendered to Lord.
Parihara Sthalam for Ashwini Starrers:
Piravi (birth) Marundeeswarar helps devotees from the cycle of births and deaths and offers total salvation to Jeevatmas. Those born of Ashwini star naturally have the power of resistance from illnesses. In order to sustain that gift, they are advised to visit this temple and perform Dhanavanthri Homa and Saneeswara Homa and worship planet Mars-Angaraka. People belonging to Ashwini star are generally well to do and intelligent. They love debates and pomp and splendour. They are loveable and understand others. They have the characteristics of a teacher and teach others. They are interested in religious studies, epics, philosophy and astrology.
People worshipped Lord Shiva here:
Nava Rishis (Agasthya, Vamadeva, Kashyapa, Athri, Bharadhwaja, Gowthama, Viswamithra , Jamadagni & Vashista), Navagraha, Indra, Vishnu, Musukundha, Harichandra, Katwangatha, Kalmashapadha, Dilipa, Lava, Kaartha Veerya, Yayathi, Somasarma, Krishna Sarma, Vajra Sarma, Gnana Sarma, Sukesa Sarma, Merchants like Chandragupta, Dhanarakshaka, Kamalanayana and Kruthagya.
Chanrda Choodamani Thandavam:
Lord Nataraja performed Chanrda Choodamani Thandava for the Nava Rishis.
Place for Salvation:
The Lord blessed salvation for Kamalanabha, Karunakara, Vaivegi (a thief), Pandya King Vasumathi and others.
Other Names:
The place has many historical names such as Vilvaranyam, Brahmapuri, Navatheerthapuram, Jallikaranyam and Navagrahapuram.
“Tharu” in Tamil means “Vriksha” in Sanskrit. The Sthala Vriksha of this Temple is Vilwam and it was called as Thiruththaruppoondi.

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