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Tiruvusaattaanam Mandirapureeswarar Temple – Legends

Tiruvusaattaanam Mandirapureeswarar Temple – Legends
Kovilur was called as “Thiru usathanam” in Thevaram days. “Usavuthal” in Tamil means inquiring something.
Manthira Pureeswarar:
Lord Rama was blessed with Manthropadesam for constructing the Sethu Bridge by the presiding deity here and hence he is called as Manthira Pureeswarar.
Relationship with Ramayana:
Sambandar’s Thevaram on this temple refers to the worship offered by Rama, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Jambavan and Sugreeva at this place. To support this legend, there are places in the name of Raman Koil, Jambavan Odai, Hanuman Kaadu, Sugreevan Pettai and Thambikku Nallan Pattanam around this place.
Since the Lord is sitting under the mango tree, this place was called “Soothavanam”.
Viswamithra had darshan of Lord Shiva’s Cosmic Dance:
Viswamithra was shown the cosmic dance by Lord Shiva.
People worshipped Lord Shiva here:
Indiran, Viswamithra, Ramar, Lakshmanan, Jambavan, Sukreevan and Hanuman worshiped lord Shiva of this temple.

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