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Thirunethranathar Temple, Thirupalli Mukkudal – Legends

Thirunethranathar Temple, Thirupalli Mukkudal – Legends
Sri Rama performed Tharpan for his father Dasaratha here:
This is one of the places where Lord Sri Rama performed Tharpan for his father Dasaratha. Performing Tharpan in this tank is considered equal to performing Shrardha for ancestors in Gaya. Hence, the place is named Kekkarai.
12 Theertham Wells:
There are 12 wells in the temple tank. The devotee derives the benefit of bathing in the Maha Magam tank if he/she bathes here. Also bathing in this temple for 12 new moon days without a break will relieve the devotees of delays in their weddings and also concerns about the welfare of children.  
Lord in the guise of Brahmana married Mother:
Mother Ambica is praised as Mayil Mevum Kanni. A queen, Tapovadahani by name worshipped Ambica seeking child boon. Responding to her prayer, Mother appeared as a child on a lotus leaf. The queen was happy to have the child and brought her up. When the child grew and attained the marriageable age, Lord came in the guise of a Brahmin and married her, according to the Sthala Purana.
Jatayu Moksham:
Jatayu, an unforgettable character in epic Ramayana who laid his life in the service of Lord Sri Rama performed penance on Lord Shiva here seeking his grace to help him simultaneously bathe in Kasi (now Varanasi) and Rameswaram and attain salvation. Pleased with his penance and his noble aim, Lord appeared before him and said that he would be fighting with Ravana to rescue Mother Sita from his abduction attempt when his wings would be cut off by Ravana. When he would be in acute pain, Sri Rama will come there and that he would be giving the information about the direction Sita was taken by Ravana.
Jatayu would fall at his feet and attain salvation. Jatayu asked back how he would be able to fly and bathe in Kasi and Rameswaram if his wings were cut off by Ravana. Lord replied saying that Jatayu wanted only one Sethu Samudra Sanana but bathing in the tank of this temple was equal to bathing in 16 Sethu Snana Ghats.  It is said that this tank was dug by Lord Vinayaka during Brungi Maharishi period.
Equivalent to Triveni Sangamam:
This Theertham-tank is equal to the Triveni confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi, hence praised as Mukkudal meaning the confluence of three Theerthams.  
Kollu Bag turning into Shiva Linga:
A Chola king who was on hunting had to stay here for a night. He had the habit of taking the dinner only after Lord Shiva worship. The horseman made a Linga of the Kollu bag (the grain for horses) and enabled the king to do his Shiva puja before dinner. When he later tried to take the bag, he could not as it became a real Shivalinga, according to the history of the place.
Other Names:
Ariyan Palli and Kuruvi Rameswaram are the historical names of this place.

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