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House of Paravai Nachiyar, Thiruvarur

House of Paravai Nachiyar, Thiruvarur
House of Paravai Nachiyar, wife of Sundarar is located on South Street in South Madavilagam in Thiruvarur Town in Thiruvarur District of Tamilnadu. As per legends, Lord Shiva walked to this place from Kamalalaya tank twice on the same night as an emissary of Sundarar. Sundarar was on earth, because Lord Siva willed it so. Sundarar was to marry two women on this earth, and both had been serving the Goddess Parvati in Kailasa. One of them had been born as Paravai Nachiyar, and Sundarar had already married her. Sangili was the other attendant of Parvati. Sundarar asks Lord Siva to convey his feelings of love to Sangili, and the Lord does so.

Sangili knows that Sundarar is already married and wonders what will happen to her, if Sundarar goes back to Paravai. Lord Siva suggests that she extract a promise from Sundarar, in the presence of the deity of Thiruvotriyur that he will not go back to Thiruvarur, where Paravai resides. The Lord then tells Sundarar of Sangili's condition. Sundarar has no intention of continuing in Thiruvotriyur and plans to go back to Thiruvarur. So he tells the Lord to leave the sanctum sanctorum and go and reside in a tree in the temple, while he makes his promise to Sangili. That way if he were to violate it, it wouldn't matter.
Siva agrees, but without Sundarar's knowledge, He tells Sangili of Sundarar's plan. He asks Sangili to insist that Sundarar swear under the tree and not near the sanctum sanctorum. She agrees, and Sundarar, cornered, has no option but to promise under the tree. So, the Lord becomes witness to the promise. When later, Sundarar leaves for Thiruvarur, breaking his promise; he loses his eyesight, which he regains only when he reaches Thiruvarur. In the meanwhile, Paravai has heard of her husband's second marriage and refuses to let him into the house. Sundarar again seeks the help of the Lord and asks him to take a message to Paravai on his behalf.
The Lord goes as Sundarar's messenger to Paravai, and then she relents. Sundarar looked upon the Lord as his friend, so he was able to request him to be his messenger. House of Paravai Nachiyar is located on South Street in South Madavilagam in Thiruvarur Town. Nearest Railway Station is Thiruvarur Railway Station located at about 1.5 Kms from House of Paravai Nachiyar. Nearest Airport is located at Trichy (116 Kms).


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