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Kutladampatti Falls, Madurai

Kutladampatti Falls, Madurai
Kutladampatti Falls is a waterfall located in the village of Kutladampatti near Vadipatti in Madurai district about 30 km (19 mi) northwest of MaduraiTamil NaduIndia. This Waterfall is in a reserve forest managed by the Department. The water falls from a height of about 27 metres (89 ft). This cascade is a small local attraction, where one can spend an inexpensive evening, with fewer crowds, but due to the lack of human frequency, it can prove to be unsafe too, at times.

It is basically an artificial waterfall and is a famous tourist destination in the region. It is nestled in a picturesque location and known for its scenic beauty. The waterfall has gained popularity following some serious media coverage in the early 2000s. Over the years, it has established itself as a major attraction and is now visited by many local as well as distant tourists throughout the year. 

A 2 kilometers step trek from the highway, leads to the Kutladampatti Falls, which have been recently constructed by the governing authorities of the area. The falls get their name from the village Kutladampatti, in which they are located. This village and Kutladampatti Falls are distanced at 30 kilometers from the district headquarters, less than an hour by road.
On the way to the Kutladampatti Falls, one can come across beautiful huge rocks. The fresh water stream that descends down the rocks as the Kutladampatti Falls rejuvenates the mind and soul of the visitor. People practice nature photography of the surrounding wilderness of the falls and enjoy bathing at the platforms under the cascade. This waterfall seeks a lot of visitors during its prime months.

Kutladampatti Falls form part of the Sirumalai Reserve Forest, protected by the state government. The height of these falls is 27 meters. It takes a double drop from the rocks, before hitting the ground below. They are distanced at a stretch of 8 kilometers from the town of Vadipatti. The peak season, when the tourism flourishes at the falls is from the months of September to February. This cascade is usually dry in the summer months or even in the absence of rains. Local people, residing in various areas of Madurai district, visit the Kutladampatti Falls as their weekend getaway.

This waterfalls lies in the Village called Kutladampatti of Vadipatti block which comes under the operational area of Palamedu Vattara Kalanjiam.
The Kutladampatti waterfalls lies near the foot hills of Sirumalai and it comes under the reserve forest area. Variety of medical plants, sandal wood trees, oak trees, besides jack and mango trees are in the hills. Animals like deer, wild boars, and large squirrels exist in the forest.
The walk to the waterfall is enchanting as you traverse the forest – narrow pathways, some boulder strewn, bordered by dense foliage makes it quite an adventure! Closer to the waterfalls, steps have been constructed making them easily accessible. As you ascend the steps, you will see huge boulders on either side. The clean mountain air and the chirping of birds, makes the ambience all the more enchanting. And then you come upon the rumbling waterfall gushing down in all its frothy, misty glory!

When you are here, you could check out the Sathiyar Dam which is close by. Also nearby is the 500 year old temple dedicated to Thadaagai Amman known as Thadagai Nachiamman Temple.
Kutladampatti is a serene village and is home to two spiritual centers – a Buddhist meditation center and the Ramangiri Ashram (which was founded by a German follower of the renowned holy man, Ramana Maharishi. The ashram is an ideal place to unwind, meditate and recharge your batteries. Surrounded by mango farms, it is a charming place and you can see many beautiful peacocks strutting around. 

Geographical Position:
Kutladampatti Falls in Madurai is located at 10°08'01.7"N 78°01'02.6"E or 10.133813, 78.017397.

Tourists from Madurai can take a direct bus from the Periyar bus stand. Tourists may also come via Vadipatti, travelling by bus number 71. The falls are 8 km (5.0 mi) from Vadipatti. State Mini bus services are available from the Vadipatti bus stand.