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Muttukadu boat house

Muttukadu boat house
Muttukadu boat house is a water sport facility on the East Coast Road at MuttukaduChennaiIndia, offering rowing, wind surfing, water skiing, and speedboat riding. It is a backwater area of the Bay of Bengal located 36 km from the city centre and 23 km from Adyar on the way to Mamallapuram. The boat house was inaugurated in 1984 and has 15 row boats, 27 speedboats and 9 pedal boats, besides two high-speed aqua scooters. The water depth varies between 3 ft and 6 ft. It is owned and operated by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC). The boating spot receives more than 4,000 visitors every weekend.

In July 2009, TTDC inaugurated a new bamboo boathouse and a floating boat jetty at the Muttukadu boating facility. The boathouse, with a special roof made of bamboo, has a lounge, from where visitors can watch the boats, and a restaurant. The building has been constructed at a cost of Rs 8.7 million and the floating jetty at a cost of Rs 1.2 million. A couple of high-speed aqua scooters with a seating capacity of three were also introduced at a cost of Rs 1.35 million, which has received good patronage. The scooters can sail at an average speed of 120 km/hour.
The boat house has a multi-cuisine restaurant named "Surf", a unit of Coral.
The TTDC is planning to introduce sailing near the boating facility as a private-public partnership venture. The Tamil Nadu Tourism Department is also planning to develop the boat house, along with Mudaliarkuppam boat house and Mamallapuram, using funds from Asian Development Bank.

In 2008, the TTDC was in process of upgrading facilities at the boat house at the cost of Rs 8 million. It would include a new floating jetty and extension of the boat house.
For those who enjoy every moment of adrenaline rush, the water scooter ride at Muttukadu Boat House might be just the place they want to be in.
Two water scooters take off at a dizzying speed, plunge into the lake and make frequent sharp turns as the tourists on board thump their fists in the air to signal their enthusiasm.
The Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation launched two water scooters on Monday and the first day saw an encouraging patronage from visitors.
Following the good response for the recently launched bamboo boat house at Muttukadu Boat House, TTDC will introduce 32-seater boat houses in popular water bodies, he said.
A water scooter ride is charged Rs. 400 for a 5-minute ride and a person can take a ride at an average speed of 120 km. The tourist will be accompanied by trained personnel who will ride the scooter.
The two inflatable multi-coloured Banana Boats at the Boat House, 92 km from Chennai and 36 km from Mamallapuram, that were launched each have a capacity to seat six persons. They are pulled by motor boats.

The TTDC was in process of upgrading facilities at Muttukadu Boat House on ECR at the cost of Rs.80 lakh. It would include a new floating jetty and extension of the boat house.
In 2008, TTDC conducted a boat race in Muttukadu, in association with the Madras Boat Club.
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