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Kuthiraiyar Waterfalls, Kodaikanal

Kuthiraiyar Waterfalls, Kodaikanal
Kuthiraiyar Falls are located in the Dindigul district of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They are a part of the famous hill station town of Palani. One may require local guidance to reach the Kuthiraiyar Falls. It is a kilometer trek from Kumbai to this cascade. Kuthiraiyar Falls flow from behind the reservoir. The climate is best suitable in winters to visit the hill station and the Kuthiraiyar Falls. The months of October to March are considered as the ideal time to visit Palani. Kuthiraiyar Falls are accessible from Pappampatti and the famous hill station of Kodaikanal is also only at a distance of 65 kilometers from the cascade.

Kuthiraiyar Falls or Kuthiraiyar Falls is a waterfall set in a little disturbed part of the hills near Udumalaipettai. Taking bath in the waterfalls here is considered healthy by many as the water gets in contact with several medicinal plants which enhances the good of the water. There are no proper roads to reach this waterfalls and can be reached by trekking with the help of locals only. The Kuthiraiyar River flows through this water fall into the catchment area of the Kuthiraiyar Dam. Andipatti is one of the prominent villages near this waterfall.

It is situated right behind the dam of Kuthiraiyar which is a very picturesque place. Area around the Kuthiraiyar waterfall and Palani is known well as it is a beautiful hill station located in Eastern part of Western Ghats. Visitors trek from Kumbai region to reach the waterfall behind the dam.
The two hills of Sivagiri and Shaktigiri covers the entire town and area around the waterfall. It gives the town a very inimitable view.

This place has religious virtue also because of Murugan temple and Kurinji Andavar temple in Palani. It is also a home for Paliyan tribes who live in the hilly terrains. Ideal time to visit the Kuthiraiyar waterfall is during winter season in pleasant atmosphere and also in the festive season of locals. Place become spectacular during the festivals and becomes the major tourist attraction. Palani receives an average rainfall round the year.

Palani railway station provides access to the Kuthiraiyar falls by train. Paliyan tribe resides in the Palani Hills, surrounding the Kuthiraiyar Falls. Tourists visiting Palani can take up hiking and trekking in the hilly terrains of the Western Ghats, bird watching amidst the nature, site seeing various temples and natural attractions or watching the winter spectacles of the town, celebrated in grandeur and color.
Kuthiraiyar Dam Falls is located in Pappampatti, Palani. The fall is located behind the dam which can be reached with the help of villagers. It lies on the Eastern part of the Western Ghats surrounded by Palani hills. It is 105 kms from Coimbatore and about 65 kms from Kodaikanal.
Due to hills all around the area this place is dream destination for Hikers and trekkers. Those who enjoy bird watching can see several species of birds like golden backed woodpecker and night herons. Tourists visit this place to witness the traditional festival of Vaikasi Visakham, Thirukartikai, and Thaipusam when the village is dressed up in its best cultural view.
It has a slanting height and lies inside a forest reserve that is unhindered by human encroachments. It is quiet, peaceful and a true haven for those who want to escape from concrete forest parks. A visit to this area will bring one up close and personal with many common and rare species of animals and plants.
You must carry a camera when you visit this stunning Falls. The sight of waters disgorging from a height of several feet is always mind-stilling. The surrounding forests add more exquisiteness to the setting.
This Falls is ideal to visit during rainy season to enjoy the beauty of the falls to its extensiveness. The approach path to this falls is a craggy hill path and hence appropriate means of transport is essential to reach the falls.
This is a high place for hiking a trekking and one has to cross a craggy trek to reach here. The forest that surrounds this falls is home to numerous plants and animals so it would be a great place to visit for the wildlife enthusiasts. The volume of water will be great during the monsoons.
Coordinates: Kuthiraiyar Falls at Udumalaipettai is located at 10°22'29.9"N 77°22'12.5"E or 10.374980, 77.370150.
Dressing Restrictions: There aren’t any specific dressing restrictions and you may choose to wear clothes as per your convenience. It may also depend on the season of your visit.
Best time to Visit: The Best time to visit the falls would be between the months of September to May. The falls are at its best during the rainy season.
Visiting Timings: The timings to visit this falls are between 10 am to 6 pm. However there are no specific time restrictions and you may visit it as per your convenience.
Entry Fee: There is no entry fee to visit this place.
Restrictions: There aren’t any restrictions on things you can take. You may carry food and water as per your requirement. It is advisable to carry fewer luggages as you may not find a suitable place to keep them.
Suggestions: These falls are a great place for hiking and trekking, so if you are in search of a good adventure, this is a great place to be. It is also a great place for photography.
Kuthiraiyar waterfalls can be reached from Palani. From Kumbai falls can reached by trekking a distance of 1 km up to Dam.
One can reach Palani through private cars or buses from airports of nearest the major cities of Coimbatore, Trichy and Madurai.
Palani is one of the major railway stations on Dindigul-Coimbatore line.

Distance from major stations: Kodaikanal- 65 kms, Madurai- 115 kms, Coimbatore - 105kms, Trichy -153 kms, Dindigul – 60 km.