Thursday, October 15, 2015

Nettukuppam Beach, Chennai

Nettukuppam Beach, Chennai
Nettukuppam Beach is situated at almost northern-most tip of Chennai; Nettukuppam enjoys the solitary symphony with the clean sea water and cool breezes. Mostly deserted and not being visited much by the people except the locals, If you are a photography-buff, this place is for you. 
The beach offers a vantage point from where one can enjoy the contemporary and former history of the city. It does not only offer the historical perspective but also, one can see the geographical differences over the period.
Nettukuppam Pier or the broken bridge is the famous spot for the locals to sit there enjoy the spray of the water waves that hit the piers of the bridge.
Absence of fast-food vendors and many visitors except on weekends make the beach spotless and the water is also cleaner compared to other beaches of Chennai. 
It offers a good view of Ennore Thermal power station, Ennore creek and other natural sights including modern city buildings and the subsiding away from the city. It is not advisable to go there to see the sunrise because tides are usually very high.
Nearest railway station: Ennore (3 Kms), local trains to Ennore are available from Chennai beach and Chennai Central stations.