Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Glen Falls, Kodaikanal

Glen Falls, Kodaikanal
Glen Falls are located in the Dindigul district of the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. They can be accessed from the town of Vilpatti. The tributary of the River Palar, Kallar River, plunges down the rocks as Glen Falls. Glen Falls are a famous picnic spot amongst the locals as well as the tourists visiting the state. The months of September to March are ideal to visit the Glen Falls. The rail access point for Glen Falls is Kodai Road. Nearest Airport is Madurai. The locals speak Tamil language in the district and are usually unable to converse in other languages with the tourists.

You must carry a camera when you visit this stunning Falls. The surrounding forests add more exquisiteness to the setting. This Falls is ideal to visit during rainy season to enjoy the beauty of the falls to its extensiveness. The forest that surrounds this falls is home to numerous plants and animals so it would be a great place to visit for the wildlife enthusiasts. The volume of water will be great during the monsoons.

Dressing Restrictions: There aren’t any specific dressing restrictions and you may choose to wear clothes as per your convenience. It may also depend on the season of your visit.
Best time to Visit: The Best time to visit the falls would be between the months of September to May. The falls are at its best during the rainy season.
Visiting Timings: The timings to visit this falls are between 10 am to 6 pm. However there are no specific time restrictions and you may visit it as per your convenience.
Entry Fee: There is no entry fee to visit this place.
Restrictions: There aren’t any restrictions on things you can take. You may carry food and water as per your requirement. It is advisable to carry fewer luggages as you may not find a suitable place to keep them.
Suggestions: It is also a great place for photography.