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Kiliyur Falls, Yercaud

Kiliyur Falls, Yercaud
Kiliyur Falls is a waterfall in the Shervarayan hill range in the Eastern Ghats Tamil nadu. The waters overflowing the Yercaud Lake fall 300 ft (91 m) into the Kiliyur Valley. The falls is situated at a distance of 2.5 km (1.6 mi) from the Yercaud Lake. The final 500 m (1,600 ft) or so consist only of a rough unpaved steep pathway. But it is a breathtaking sight in the monsoon time when the water levels are at the maximum. The best time to visit this place is immediately after the monsoons.

These falls drop from a height of 300 ft and are famous for its activities like boating and swimming. The surplus water of the Yercaud Lake and the water from the Shevaroy Hills fall deep into the Kiliyur valley from a height of about 91 meter. The view of the fall is indeed spellbinding and eye catching.
A hardcore trekker can trek through the woody forests from the lake to the bottom of the falls in about an hour. When you commence walking towards the fall from the Yercaud Lake, you shall experience the final 500 meter distance only of a rough unpaved steep pathway.

During the monsoons, the stone steps become slippery, but in summer time, the cascade barely endures any water. The south west monsoon and the north east monsoon are the main source of water to the Yercaud Lake and the adjoining hilly area. Kiliyur fall is a small cascade amidst high hills of the Eastern Ghats. The cold water at the bottom with a breath-taking view on top, will make all the effort worthwhile for the traveler.

It is essential to be properly geared up to visit the Kiliyur Falls. Trekking shoes, food supplies and lots of water or glucose are a must. Due to its discreet location, not many families prefer to visit the place unless they are really enthusiastic. The stone and iron steps, tall and short, uneven, can make the ascent very difficult and tiring. In case of a mishap at the falls, there is no rescue team at the aid of the tourists! One can however visit the falls with caution and spend an inexpensive weekend in the lap of Mother Nature, in her true and unexplored form.
The trek to Kiliyur is short, but makes up for what it lacks in distance with adventure. This action-packed trail takes you to the seasonal Kiliyur Falls, located a couple of kilometers from Yercaud Lake in Tamil Nadu.

Being extremely easy to identify, this is the kind of trail that is perfect for trekkers with any level of experience. Trek over bare metal staircases that seem to endlessly descend into the depths of green valleys, stern-looking rocks that form the forest floor, estates of coffee and a queen’s royal bath.
To begin this trail, find the Yercaud Lake and the sign near it that points in the direction of Kiliyur Falls – 3.2 km to be exact. From the beautiful lake among the hills, a narrow path leads you onward.

You can experience Kiliyur in two ways, depending on time constraints and how deeply you want to explore. Since most of this hilly land has been converted to coffee estates that are under private ownership, you will need a guide for the more intricate trails. Do not attempt these on your own as the estate owners barely hesitate to call the police on trespassers.
If you want to trek to Kiliyur Falls on your own, you can follow the general trail of 4 kms that is open to the public. Employing a guide means that you can visit the viewpoint for a more stunning view of the falls, or go all the way to the bottom where they crash onto strong rock. A local guide can also take you to other wonderful trekking destinations in the Shevaroy range of hills.

The regions surrounding the Kiliyur Falls are truly blessed by Mother Nature. Plants and trees are cloaked in a thousand hues and hundreds of birds chirp overhead. The general route that leads you to the falls will take you 1.5 hours in all.
As you trek, you will notice that the trail starts to slope. It is so steep that at certain points, the roots of plants and trees become your only support to pull yourself forward and continue moving.
You are also lead toward beige steps that descend into the dense jungle. From here, the first right will take you to the falls. These stairs are in between trees so tall and a valley so deeply inclined that they make you feel as though you are suspended. An exhilarating feeling.
Remember that Kiliyur is a seasonal waterfall. If you visit during the summer, your chances of seeing it are not just slim, but near impossible. Kiliyur Falls is essentially the surplus water from the Yercaud Lake and not a natural spring. In the lashing rain that the region experiences, the Kiliyur Falls are rejuvenated; taking on a completely different avatar, they come alive with the monsoon!
Once you are done with the falls, you can continue trekking along the same path toward your right which leads you to the viewpoint. You can also trek to the bottom of the falls for a swim. The latter, however, is a hardcore trail that is suited for more advanced trekkers.
The Kiliyur trek will show you a number of animal species too. Watch out for amazing reptiles and lizards like the bronze back tree snake or the orange and black rock lizards.
Visitor Information
The Kiliyur Falls can be accessed by rail and air from Salem. It is an ideal tourist spot for the young and robust and those who look for challenges. The evergreen forests adjoining the falls, add to the already existing splendor of the cascade.
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Dressing Restrictions
There aren’t any specific dressing restrictions and you may choose to wear clothes as per your convenience. It may also depend on the season of your visit.
Best time to Visit
The Best time to visit the falls would be between the months of September to May. The falls are at its best during the rainy season.
There aren’t any restrictions on things you can take. You may carry food and water as per your requirement. It is advisable to carry fewer luggages as you may not find a suitable place to keep them.
These falls are a great place for hiking and trekking, so if you are in search of a good adventure, this is a great place to be. It is also a great place for photography.
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