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Hridayaleeswarar Temple, Thiruninravur – The Temple

Hridayaleeswarar Temple, Thiruninravur – The Temple
This Temple was built by Rajasimha Pallava the king of Kanchi, in the 6th Century CE on the vision of Poosalar, one of the 63 Nayanmars. The temple is facing east with entrance arches on the east and west side. The inner roof of the temple is fashioned like that of a heart divided into four compartments probably displaying Poosalaar's conception. The imposing Dwajasthambam and Nandi are situated in the prakaram facing the sanctum.

Presiding Deity is called as Hridayaleeswarar / Manavaleswarar and is facing east. Moolavar is little large Lingam housed on a square Avudayar. The main sanctum has an east facing Shivalingam with entrance from the south side. Poosalaar's statue is found with folded hands in the shrine of Hridayaleeswarar. Lingothbhavar, Brahma Dakshinamurthy and Durga are niche Idols located around the sanctum wall.

Vimanam is of Gajabrushta Style. People with an ailing heart is said to flock to this temple for speedy recovery due to Hridayaleeswarar’s grace. Ganapathy and Subrahmanya, the two sons of Shiva and Parvathi can be seen standing like Dwarapalakas (sentries) on either side of the entrance to the sanctum. Mother is called as Maragathambigai and is facing south. She is in standing posture. There is a statue of King Rajasimha in front of the Navagraha Shrine.

There are shrines for Vinayagar, Nava kanniyars, Mandapam and office Room in the outer prakaram. There are shrines for Surya, Navagrahas, Pallava King Rajasimha, Ninravur Polla Pillayar, Nalvar, Sekkizhar, Nagars, Maha Ganapathy, Utsava Idols, Valli Devasena Subramaniyar with Nagars, Sandikeswarar, Palliyarai, Natarajar Saba, Bairavar and Chandran in the inner prakaram. There is also a mandapam in which Vahanam (Rishabha) for the Lord is kept for Urchavams. Sthala Vriksham is Vilwa Tree.

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