Friday, May 11, 2018

Vaaleeswarar Temple, Ramagiri – Worship Procedure

Vaaleeswarar Temple, Ramagiri – Worship Procedure
Procedure for performing pooja for childbirth:
The Nandi Theertham created by Kaala Bhairava is perennially filled with cool water that flows from the hill and collects in the pond from the mouth of a Nandi. The water is said to bring with it the herbal goodness of the various medicinal plants that grow on the hill. Couples desirous of performing poojas for child birth at Ramagiri, have to come to the temple, early in the morning on an empty stomach. 
They must both bathe in the Nandi Theertham and with wet clothes, go into the temple, light eight lamps in the specified place, and perform archana to Sri Kaala Bhairava. The priest then gives the couple a stone puppy which they both carry around the shrine and perform eight circumambulations.
They feed biscuits and food to the several dogs that are found within the temple complex. It is surprising to see the dogs not fighting with each other, or getting excited when people try to feed them. They do not eat anything that falls on the sand. When food is respectfully placed, they take turns to come and quietly eat the food.
Once their prayers are answered, they come back with the baby and perform Abhishekam to Kaala Bhairava and place a stone puppy as a token of gratitude. Special poojas and Abhishekam are performed on Theipirai Ashtami (Eighth day after Full moon) every month between 9 am and 11.45 pm. It is better to arrive early in order to find seating space within the Artha Mandapam.