Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Aavundeeswarar Temple, Nemam – Legends

Aavundeeswarar Temple, Nemam – Legends
After the Pralaya ended, creation of new life was supposed to happen. Lord Brahma, the creator, started his tasks of creation of life again. While in the process of creation it is believed that it is at Nemam that he first sprinkled the holy nectar (Amritam). The Devas had also offered the Amritam first to Goddess of this place, Amirthambigai. Henceforth this Kshetram came to be known as Amirtha Janma Bhoomi.
Being the place where creation started, the Goddess bestows the devotees with child boon. The Temple stood at this place had been lost to time. The Temple was covered with sand completely. Later on, the cows used to grace the land where the temple once stood. They used to shower their milk over the Lingam buried inside. 
The cowherd was astonished to see this miracle of cows showering their milk on this spot. Out of anger, he started beating his cows with a whip. Compassionate Lord Shiva rose from the ground and hugged the cows. Cowherd lashes fell on Lord Shiva. Even now, the whip marks can be seen on the Lingam. As he protected the cows, he came to be called as Aavundeeswarar.
Amrita Shakthi:
Goddess Amirthambigai at Nemam blesses the devotees with the amrita shakti needed for surviving in this world and leading a good life. To get us the above 3 types of amrita shakti, Mother Amirthambigai did severe tapas in this sacred spot and requested the grace of Lord Aavundeeswarar. The Lord not only blessed her with this shakti, He also married her here.