Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Agastheeswarar Temple, Pancheshti – Worship Benefits

Agastheeswarar Temple, Pancheshti – Worship Benefits
It was on a Vaikasi full moon that Agasthiar spit a little sea water to create the Agasthya Theertham. So, it is believed that Agasthiar is returning here on that day every year. It is very sacred to take a dip in the Agasthya Theertham and worship Agastheeswarar on that day. It is one of the special places where Pradhosham is very significant. The curses of Indran, Indrani and Viswarupan got cleared due to the Pradhosha poojas.
Also, King Mithrathuvasan was doing regular Pradhosha pooja here and Shiva appeared to him and showed the power of Pradhosha pooja. Since King Mithrathuvasan came forward to give himself as food to a Tiger because he did not want even a Tiger at forest to starve, this place is considered an Annadhana Kshetram. Annadhanam itself was one of the five yagnas Agasthiar conducted here. Doing Annadhanam here will give the benefit of the entire birth.
Lost pride will be restored and more fame and position will come as per the palm leaves of the Agasthya ashram. During Tuesday and Friday Ragu Kalams, doing an Abhishekam to the Yantra, lemon garlanding Ambal and lighting Deepams with the lemon covers around the Yantra will remove all the marriage obstacles and drive away all the evil forces.
Generally, if the Rajagopuram is facing south it is considered a Parihara sthalam. Here the Rajagopuram itself is present for goddess and she has taken the Chathru Samhara Kolam with her left leg in front in order to drive away the evil forces and the demons that had come to disturb Agasthiyar’s poojas. So, worshipping her will drive away all the evil forces, obstacles and enemies. Since all the Navagrahas are present in the Rajagopuram directly facing Ambal, worshipping Ambal will remove all the Navagraha doshas. Worshipping the Ishta lingam will give peace, grant wishes and give success in the court cases.