Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ennore Beach, Chennai

Ennore Beach, Chennai
Ennore beach is located near Ennore Creek. The region is full of salt swamps & backwoods ideally sinks in backwater during the high tide. The stream area is spread along 3 Kms till sea & 5 Kms sideway of Shore. It is located 24 Kms from Chennai.
If you are one of those people who love peaceful environment and look forwarding to spending time amidst the tranquility of Mother Nature then this Ennore Beach, Ennore is the best place to relax and have fun.

The southern part of India is encircled by the ocean and is, therefore, blessed with some of the Best Beaches in India. This list is incomplete without the mention of the Ennore Beach, Chennai. The beach is spread across a wide span of area and thus the ideal destination to hang out with friends and family. The sheer beauty of the beach lies in the sea water which flows in peace.
All the Best Beaches in India are never disappointing. The Ennore Beach, Ennore with its idyllic scenery appeals to all tourists and is major factor that pulls in a large array of crowd. People who love to study nature closely are bound to find this place fascinating; there are enough opportunities for people who love bird watching.
Ennore is a must recommended visit. The backwaters have special facilities for the tourists, one among these is boating. At no fixed charges the tourists can go for the fun and joy ride across the sea water. There is opportunity to explore the local fishing craft and have the experience of a lifetime.

Thousands of sun-deprived tourists visit the Best Beaches in India during the winter season and the Ennore Beach, Ennore gives them every reason to return back. One of the most common features of the Ennore Beach, Ennore is the cylindrical shaped structures that are found on the beach.
These cylindrical structures have carved into natural looking figures of art and are quite an enchanting site. These are often captured in the photographic reels as a measure to capture their charm. As the sea water strikes these rocks the sound gives a sense of thrill.

The beauty of the Ennore Beach, Ennore is accentuated by the natural painting that is formed as the shimmering beams of the sun fall upon the sea water. They create the effect of a soothing atmosphere which delights and pleases to the senses.
Being rated among the Best Beaches in India, the Ennore Beach, Ennore has been bestowed with the marvelous beauty and most comfortable resorts. So it must be surely tried once.