Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tharangampadi Beach, Tharangampadi

Tharangampadi Beach, Tharangampadi
Tharangampadi Beach is located in Tharangampadi which lies in the south east of Tamilnadu. It is surprisingly unspoiled by tourism and retains its natural beauty to the fullest extent. It is situated near Chidambaram and does not attract many of the tourists towards it.  Tharangampadi is a dry town and remains less crowded which is a boon for the nature lovers.

Apart from the natural beauty, it has many artifacts built by the Danish. The artifacts are the major tourist attractions. Some of the artifacts are the Danish Fort and the Danish Museum. The village is capable of attracting thousands of tourists and every tourist who visits this village stays spellbound.  This small hamlet filled with fishermen and natural beauty is a real paradise for the tourists who are willing to spend some quality time in lap of nature.

It is another Sea side village, where the Danish merchants settled for trade. What they left are the Legacies of the Danes. A beautiful Governor's Palace right on the beach tells you the hoary past. Another ideal shore for sun and tan your skin.
As this place is home to many artifacts, one will find great pleasure in visiting these artifacts.  The Danish Museum and the Fort Dansborg are the major attractions on Tharangampadi beach. The Museum offers the view of many antiquities belonging to the colonial period. Highly beautiful colonial structures are built near the place are some of the things that people love to visit. Zion Church is one such structure which talks about the colonial rule in this region.

The popular Sri Masilamaniswara temple is another site that keeps attracting the pilgrims. One will find some of the Chola inscriptions in this temple which is believed to belong to the Chola rule.
One can enjoy the fishing activities done by the fishermen. This place is once used as a major port and now the waterfront is being used for fishing purpose.  The tourists can view these activities to enjoy the life near this small village.

The rocky shore welcoming the vibrant waves gives an amazing site to the beach. Though it is not so famous for swimming and water sports, watching the sea from the beach is too exciting. The waves breaking on the rocks create wonderful experience to those who sit and watch the sea.

Accommodation is not a problem near Tharangampadi beach. The 16th century colonial heritage Bungalow is being used as a hotel and staying there can be too relaxing for any tourist.

Tharangampadi can be reached by road, rail, and air. Tiruchirapalli is the nearest airport which is located at a distance of 128km. One can also find buses from major cities of Tamil Nadu.  Some of the cities are Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai.  Mayiladuthurai Railway Station is 40km away from Tharangampadi.