Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Kalikesam Forest & Waterfalls – Kalikesam Falls

Kalikesam Forest & Waterfalls – Kalikesam Falls
The Kalikesam Falls is located in the Kanyakumari district of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Kalikesam falls along with several other small cascades are encased in the Kanyakumari Wildlife Sanctuary. The falls is surrounded by forest on all sides and forms part of an active animal corridor. The long stream is pollution-free and adds to the natural charm of the place. The stream that flows at the end of the falls is believed to have healing powers, to cure maladies. Unlike the Thirparappu fall, which has become a typical tourist spot, here people are allowed to take ‘natural bath’.

The place is depicted by spectacular flora and fauna. Apart from assorted flora and fauna, the region has grown in to a bird watcher’s heaven. The other cascade in the sanctuary apart from Kalikesam, is the Vattapparai Falls. Both the falls form a part of the waterfalls created by the Western Ghats. The Kalikesam Falls are particularly sourced by the River Boothapandi. Due to the rain forests surrounding the cascades, animal wandering is common at the falls.

The Kalikesam Falls were discovered by an enthusiastic trekker, exploring the rainforests of the area. One can take a dip in the pond created by the Kalikesam Falls below. However, the winter months are considered ideal to visit these falls, as the animal frequency is restricted to night time. The Kalikesam Falls remain perennial even in the dry months of summer season. Kalikesam Falls is a charming spot where you can take pleasure in the beauty and tranquility of nature at its best.

The beauty of Kalikesam Falls is their purity – it’s one of the few streams in India that is unpolluted so the water is crystal clear as it bubbles over rocks and pebbles. Unlike many tourist spots, it still has a lovely untouched air about it with pure, mountain water surging forward through magical mountains. Kalikesam has a serpentine beauty which never lost the people’s attention. Kalikesam Waterfalls is located uphill in another kilometer from Kali temple. The place is quite safe and secluded and you could have real fun.

The access to the Kalikesam Falls is only through a private vehicle, as there is no public transportation facility available. There are no man-made facilities at the Kalikesam Falls. A small shop selling tea and biscuits is the sole facility in the area. The road leading to the area of the falls is also in a bad and severe condition. Due to this, the entire area is under developed and lacks even the basic infrastructural facilities.