Thursday, January 25, 2018

Athitheeswarar Temple, Vaniyambadi – Legends

Athitheeswarar Temple, Vaniyambadi – Legends
The legend goes that Lord Brahma once cursed mother Saraswathi to lose her sense of speech. Saraswathi came to Earth and reached Sringeri and began to meditate. Lord Brahma went in search of her and finally found her in Sringeri, convinced her and took her back to Heaven. While going back they reached this temple on the Northern belt of River Palar, stayed and worshipped Lord Shiva here. Lord Shiva pleased on her worship and gave back her speech. On getting back the speech mother Saraswathi sang here. Hence this place was called as Vaniyambadi.
The other Legend is Saint Kashyap’s wife Athithi worshipped Lord Shiva here on every Punarpoosam day and got a boon. Hence Lord Shiva here, being called in her name as Athitheeswarar. This temple is also Parihara Temple for person born in Punarpoosam star.