Saturday, January 20, 2018

Parthasarathy Temple, Parthivapuram – Inscriptions

Parthasarathy Temple, Parthivapuram – Inscriptions
Tamil inscription with Vattezhuthu scripts are found engraved at the northern side of the Naalampalam entrance which mentions about the grants made by a ruler called Varman, from the Valluvanadu which is presently in the Malabar region. T.A.S. Vol. III, p.53 states that Valluvanadu was once one of the most ancient territories divisions of Chera country. This inscription stands proof to the reach that Chera rulers had on regions even far away.
References to a fort and a moat surrounding the land, along with this Parthivasekharapuram temple are found. It also informs is of the prominent men from Parthivasekharapuram who had assembled near the temple’s tank reciprocating the gifts and grants made by Keralan Aadichchan (Varman) alias Rajadhiraja ‘Valluvanaadaalvan’ of Karitturai. The terms ‘Rajadhiraja’ and ‘Valluvanaadaalvan (Lord of Valluvanadu) glorify the king’s royalty.
The grants bestowed by the king enables the villagers to enjoy all the produces got from the demarcated land granted by him, for which the villagers in turn must protect his fort at Kulachchai (Colachel). It was also decided to provide one sacred lamp to the Alwar (saint) at this temple, from the income earned from within the grounds of its vast boundaries.

Another inscription belongs to 9th Century A.D found on the left of this Naalampalam (Vishnu Temple) registers the gift offered by Kaaman Tadakkan of Kunrathur, to meet the requirements for burning Karthika deepam (November/December) in this temple. The temple at Parthivasekharapuram was constructed by Karunandadakkan, an Ay chief who controlled the eastern hilly region of the Travancore State. However, current records present the donor’s name as Tadakkan not as Adakkan, thus creating ambiguity.