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Thanumalayan Temple, Suchindram, Kanyakumari

Thanumalayan Temple, Suchindram, Kanyakumari
Thanumalayan Temple, also called as Sthanumalayan Temple is an Hindu Temple dedicated to Hindu Trinity located in Suchindram in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu. Thanumalayan Temple is of importance to both Shaivite and Vaishnavite sects of Hinduism, as the name Sthanumalayan denotes Trimurtis; "Sthanu" means Siva; "Mal" means Vishnu; and the "Ayan" means Brahma. This temple is unique in the whole of India in that it is dedicated to three different deities represented by one image in the sanctum. This Kshetram is also called Gnanaranya.

One of the unique aspects of Thanumalayan Temple is the presence of many gods from the Hindu pantheon and the different sects like Vaishnavism including Rama and Krishna to more localized Tamil traditional worship of Amman/Devi and Kandan or Muruga. The temple is rich in sculpture and architecture and a visitor to this temple is amply rewarded with the sight of such exquisite art of hundreds of years old. The town along with Kanyakumari was part of Travancore. It became part of Tamil Nadu in 1956. Non-Hindus are permitted inside the temple but photography is prohibited. 

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The Temple
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Temple Opening Time
·        Morning 4.30 am to 11.30 am.
·        Evening 5.00 pm to 8.30 pm.
Pooja Timings
·        Abisheka Pooja for Moola lingam – 04.15 AM
·        Abisheka Pooja for Thanumalayan deity – 04.45 AM
·        Daily festival Pooja – 05.30 AM
·        Tharai Abisheka Pooja – 06.30 AM
·        Mistanga Pooja – 07.00 AM
·        Uchikala Pooja, Deepa Aradhanai – 11.00 AM
·        Deepa Aradhanai, Ahala Pooja & Arthajama Pooja – 06.30 PM
There are two important festivals, one in Margazhi (December/January) and the other in Chittirai (April/May). During the Margazhi festival, on the 9th day the deities are taken out in procession around the streets on three festival cars. The 10-day Car Festival celebrated in this temple during between December and January every year attracts crowds of thousands of people. Another festival known as Theppam is celebrated during between April and May every year.
Prathana Sthalam for marriage, children, longevity and prosperity needs.
Worship of Lord Anjaneya of this temple for physical and mental health.
Thanumalayan Temple
Suchindram – 629 704,
Kanyakumari District
Phone: +91 4652 241270
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