Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pathanchali Nathar Temple, Kanattampuliyur – Legends

Pathanchali Nathar Temple, Kanattampuliyur – Legends
Divine serpent Adisesha serving as a bed to Lord Mahavishnu in the nectar ocean took the form of Sage Patanjali to enjoy the dance of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva granted Adisesha his Dance Darshan in Chidambaram. Sage Patanjali came to this place as advised by Lord Shiva and performed penance. Lord appeared before the sage and asked him if he was satisfied with his dance darshan, Patanjali replied that he would never be content with the darshan once or twice and that should be before him forever. Lord assured Patanjali that he would be offering the darshan in many places. As a mark of recognition of the devotion of the sage, Lord took the name Patanjaleeswarar himself.
Sacredness of the Sand of this place:
When the sages of Dandakaranya came here to worship Lord Shiva, every particle of sand appeared to them as a Shivalinga, they worshipped the Lord from outside. Hence, the sand of the place is considered very sacred which is carried by devotees and kept in their houses believing that it would bring them all welfare and prosperity and cleansing them of their sins.
Three Puliyur Shrines in a Row:
Omampuliyur temple, where Sage Vyakrapada worshipped Lord Shiva is nearby. It is noteworthy that three Shiva temples in Chidambaram, Kanattampuliyur and Omampuliyur are in a row.
Patanjali Munivar is said to have worshipped Shiva here and this shrine is also known as Madhookavanam.