Friday, October 20, 2017

Thuyartheertha Nathar Temple, Omampuliyur – Legends

Thuyartheertha Nathar Temple, Omampuliyur – Legends
Vyagrapada Rishi worshipped Lord Shiva here:
Omampuliyur is one of the five important Puliyur Siva Kshetrams (Perumpuliyur, Erukkattampuliyur, Omampuliyur, Paatirippuliyur and Perumpatrappuliyur (Chidambaram)), visited by Vyagrapada Rishi. Sage Vyakrapada (the saint with tiger's claws and feet) came to Omapuliyur and prayed to Lord to grant him dance darshan in Chidambaram. With significance to the visit and prayer of the sage, Lord is named Pranava Vyagrapureeswarar.  
Lord Shiva gave Moksham to a Hunter:
According to the legend, a hunter once was chased by a tiger. Afraid that the tiger will kill him, he climbed a Vilva tree and stayed there throughout the night. Thinking that he may go to sleep and fall down from the tree, he plucked the leaves of Vilva tree and threw it down. Under the tree there was a Shivalingam, and unknowingly he worshipped Shiva with Vilva leaves for the whole night. Pleased with his action, it is believed that God Shiva gave Darshan to him and the hunter attained Moksha (salvation) at this Sthalam. This legend is also linked to another Shivasthalam Tiruvaikavur.
As the place has clouds of smoke due to the Homas – a puja performance through fire worship – saint Thirunavukkarasar calls it Omapuliyur in his hymn. 
Lord Shiva taught Pranava Manthra to Mother Parvathi:
Mother Uma was listening to Lord Shiva on the Pranava Mantra teaching. As her attention turned off, Lord Shiva cursed her to be born a human on Earth. After severe penance, Lord came to her as Dakshinamurthy and completed the teaching.  As this was taking place Lord Muruga was stopped from entering the temple by Nandi. He then transformed into a bee and went in and lodged himself in Amman’s hair to listen to the Mandiram (Holy Words). He then left in anger for Swamimalai. Lord Siva went to Swamimalai to set things right and to his surprise he was told the Mandiram by Muruga. Hence, the place has Guru (Jupiter) importance.  Hence the place is called as Umapuliyur which later changed as Omapuliyur.  
King Sadananda got relieved of leprosy here:
A king Sadananda, a staunch Shiva devotee got his leprosy cured with a dip in the holy Varadanan tank here.
Celestials got relieved of their curse here:
Two virgins from the celestial world came down to earth as swine and a human due to the curse of sage Durvasa.  They were chased by a tiger. They ran to escape and reached Gowri Theertha. A woman, after a bath in the tank was drying her hair. A few drops of water from her hair fell on the virgins restoring g them to their original forms.
The name Omaampuliyur is said to have been derived from this legend (Om Aam Puliyur).