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Rajagopalaswamy Temple, Mannargudi, Thiruvarur

Rajagopalaswamy Temple, Mannargudi, Thiruvarur
Rajagopalaswamy temple is a Vaishnavite shrine located in the town of Mannargudi in Thiruvarur District of Tamilnadu. The presiding deity is Rajagopalaswamy, a form of Lord Krishna. The temple is spread over an area of 23 acres (93,000 m2) and is one of the important Vaishnavite shrines in India. The temple is called Dakshina Dwaraka (Southern Dwaraka) along with Guruvayoor by Hindus.

The temple was first constructed by Kulothunga Chola I (1070-1125 A.D.), with bricks and mortar, indicated by various stone inscription found in the site.  Later renovated by Thanjavur Nayaks, Hoysalas and Vijayanagara Kings  during the 16th century. The temple has three inscriptions from the period and also mentioned in the religious texts. A granite wall surrounds the temple, enclosing all its shrines and seven of its nine bodies of water. The temple has a 154 ft. Rajagopuram, the temple's gateway tower.

Haridra Nadhi, the temple tank associated with the temple is outside the temple complex and is considered one of the largest temple tanks in India. Pundarikakshan is believed to have appeared as Krishna to sages Gopilar and Gopralayar. Six daily rituals and three yearly festivals are held at the temple, of which the chariot festival, celebrated during the Tamil month of Panguni (June-July), being the most prominent. The temple is maintained and administered by the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamilnadu.

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The Temple
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Temple Opening Time
The temple is open in the mornings from 5.30 am to 12 noon and in the evenings from 4 pm to 9.30 pm. After opening in the morning for the Vishwaroopam Seva, the temple is closed for some time and reopens again at 8 am.
Pooja Details
·        Vishwaroopam – 6 am
·        Thiruvanathal – 7 am
·        Kaalai Santhi Pooja – 9 am
·        Uchi Kalam – 12 noon
·        Thirumalai Purapadu – 6 pm
·        Sayarakshai – 7 pm
·        Irandam Kalam Pooja – 8 pm
·        Artha Jamam – 830 pm
Thaligai Details:
·        Milk/Fruits/Pongal for Vishwaroopam
·        Dudhyonam (Curd Rice) – 7 am pooja
·        Tamarind rice – 9 am pooja
·        Thenkuzhal – 11 am pooja
·        Curd Rice – 7 pm
·        Samba Rice – 8 pm pooja
·        Chakkarai Pongal, Mothagam – 9 pm pooja
Archanai on Special occasions:
·        Poosam – Thirumanjanam for Shengamala Thaayar
·        Shravanam – Thirumanjanam for Perumal Utsavar
·        Every Friday – Thirumanjanam for Utsavar Thaayar
·        Every month – Pancha Parvatham- Perumal Utsavar and Shengamala Thaayar Purapadu
·        Thiruvadi Thirumanjanam for Perumal Utsavar is done on special request.
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Religious Practices
The daily temple poojas are performed in a very systematic and traditional manner right from Vishwaroopam at 5am, with the temple elephant and the cow showing their devotion to the Lord. One is the temple elephant going down on its knees to pray before Lord Raja Gopalan and then lifting its trunk to shower water on the Lord - a beautiful sight to watch so early in the morning. And this is possibly the only Vaishnavite temple in Tamilnadu that opens at 5am and has the Vishwaroopam Darshan in a formal way like it once used to be in all the temples.
It is the staunch faith of the devotees that prayers to Lord Rajagopala-Vaasudeva would bless them with prosperity in life, happy wedding, removal of adverse aspects on children, health of cattle and all happiness. Devotees perform Tirumanjanam to Lord and Mother and donate cows.
Sri Rajagopalaswamy Temple,
Mannargudi – 614 001,
Thiruvarur District
Phone: +91 – 4367 – 222 276
Mobile: +91 – 94433 43363
The temple is in the heart of Mannargudi Town. Mannargudi is located at about 29 kms south west of Tiruvarur, 40 Kms from Thanjavur, 38 Kms from Kumbakonam, 15 Kms from Needamangalam and 95 Kms from Trichy. There are plenty of buses from Thanjavur and Tiruvarur to Mannargudi. Nearest Railway Station is located at Tiruvarur and Needamangalam. Nearest Airport is located at Trichy.

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babu krishnan said...

One of the better known Vaishanavite temple dedicated to Krishna. The festival of June July celebrates Panguni Uthirm, with devotees flocking the streets when the presiding deity is carried in palanquin , and showered with fresh butter. Refer to recent facebook video from VASA photography. Strongly recommended.