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Sathya Vageeswarar Temple, Kalakkad – History

Sathya Vageeswarar Temple, Kalakkad – History
Inscriptions from the temple from the 15th century indicate that the place was called Cholanadu Vallipuram and Vanavan Naadu. The inscriptions also indicate that the temple worship services and gifts to the temple were endowed by Marthanda Varman, while he was residing at Virapandiyan Palace. The temple was originally built by Pandyas during the 13th century. The Vijayanagar Empire and Nayak kings commissioned pillared halls and major shrines of the temple during the 15-16th century. The temple has artistic sculptures representative of Nayak art.
There are lots of pairings in the temple depicting Indian epic tales. There is also an image of the king of Travancore, Boothala Veera Udaya Marthanda Varman from the 16th century. He is believed to have commissioned the musical pillared halls in the front portion of the temple. In modern times, the temple is maintained and administered by the Hindu Religious and Endowment Board of the Government of Tamilnadu. A plaque in front the temple installed on 12 December 1911 indicates the coronation of King George V, when India was ruled by the British.
An inscription in the temple of Parakrama Pandyan, issued in his sixth regnal year i.e., in 1548, spoke about ‘Vanavan Naattu… Kalakkad alias Chola Kula Vallipuram.' Other inscriptions in the temple also called the village ‘Kalakkad alias Chola Kula Vallipuram.' The great saint Appar refers Lord as Puramerichchuvaramudaiviyya Nayanar in his songs. This site is considered as one of Devara Vaippu Sthalams. After the last know Kumbabishekam in 1935, the next one was done in 2000 and then in 2011 after the renovation. The renovation has been done by the 'Kalakkad Bhaktar Peravai' formed in 2008 by many enthusiasts and took 3 longs years to complete.

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