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Thirukkurungudi Dhivya Desam – History

Thirukkurungudi Dhivya Desam – History
The temple has inscriptions from the 10th century during the Medieval Chola period indicating grants to the temple in the form of sheep. Another inscription from the 14th century is attributed to Sundara Pandya II indicating gifts of 25 cows for the perpetual lighting of ghee lamps in the temple. There are also inscriptions from the same regime indicating gift of lands to the temple. The Nayak period during the 15th century saw lot of additions to the temple complex in terms of pillared halls. 
The inscriptions on the southern wall of the hall dated 1059 indicates excavation of a channel with dams. There are similar inscriptions on the northern wall indicating repairs made to the same dam. There are two unreadable inscriptions on two pillars of the temple. There are three copper plate inscriptions in the temple dated 1456, 1537 and 1592 indicating grants from Sabala Veera Chandra Ramavarma Maharaja, Vittala Raya of Vijayanagar Empire and Vira Vasantha Venkatadeva Maharaja respectively indicating several grants to the temple.
There are several stone inscriptions found within the temple complex. A 10th Century AD inscription refers to the gifting of 25 sheep while an early 14th Century AD inscription on the Northern wall, dating back to the rule of Sundara Pandya II, mentions about the gift of a land to Lord Nambi. Another inscription dating back to the Pandya period indicates the gift of 25 cows for supply of ghee for lighting the lamp.

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