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Subramaniyar Swami Temple, Valliyur – Legends

Subramaniyar Swami Temple, Valliyur – Legends
Pandya discovered this Temple on a hunting expedition:
Legend has it that this temple was first discovered by a Pandya King who came here on a hunting expedition after visiting the Perumal temple at Thirukkurungudi and that the temple was expanded by his descendants.
People who worshipped Muruga here:
Legend has it that Indra and Agasthiar worshipped Subramanyar here.
Murugan created Saravanapoikai Tank:
Legend also has it that the Saravanapoikai tank was created when Murugan struck his spear to the ground, upon being requested by his consort.
Story behind the formation of Hills:
Village lore has it that Sage Agastya had cursed a merchant called Durlaban in Valliyur when he refused to part with a few morsels of rice saying that he can’t give anything in charity, even if it was for Sage Agastya. The sage cursed that all the rice that couldn’t be of use to someone like him, be as well converted to stone. This is how the hills were formed.
Mahendragiri Hill:
Mahendragiri Hill that finds mention in Sundara-Kandam is located to the west of Valliyur. This was the hill where Sage Parasurama did severe penance.
Valliyur, the place of Valli:
Lord Muruga came to Valliyur immediately after marrying Valli. References are indicated in the Kandapuranam. Valli was so much in love with Lord Muruga that she refused to allow Deivanai in her domain. Deivanai was almost in tears and it was only sage Agastya who consoled Deivanai and took her to Valli and explained to her that Deivanai be treated like her sister. As this place belonged to Valli who seems to have had a dominating nature, it is not surprising that women born in Valliyur are said to be extremely demanding wives after their marriage. They are also extra sensitive. Not a surprise - because it appears Lord Muruga simply pampered Valli.

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