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Sadaiudayar Temple, Pappankulam, Kallidaikurichi – Legends

Sadaiudayar Temple, Pappankulam, Kallidaikurichi – Legends
Sadavudayar is the 'Amsa' of Sastha. An interesting legend is associated with this temple. A Brahmin was passing through Pappankulam village along with his pregnant daughter. The girl got labour pain suddenly. The father found a hut nearby where a Dalit woman played midwife and the girl delivered a baby boy. It is believed that Shasta took the form of the woman and helped the girl. And hence the Sastha here is known as Sadavudayar. A temple was built in that place with the other deities like Chinna Madan, Periya Madan and Nalla Madan. The Brahmin thanked the God and offered raw rice and coconut which he was having with him at that time.
Later, the girl gave birth to eight sons. All of them and their descendants became staunch devotees of Shasta and served him. They are being called as 'Ettu Pillai Koottaththaar" (Ettu pillai means eight sons). Sadavudayar had assured that the decedents of the family of that woman should worship him and he will take care of everyone in the family. Hence grand pooja celebrations will be performed in the Tamil Month of "Thai" in all Fridays. The pooja will start by 9.00 pm in the Thai month Fridays and will be performed continuously till next day morning 6.00 a.m.
In that time Abishekam and all other poojas will be performed to Sadavudayar, Chinna Madan, Periya Madan and Nalla Madan. "Villu Pattu" will be performed throughout the night narrating the story of the Sadavudayar. All the family members and the people from 7 villages including Kalakkad, Ambasamudram and Kallidaikurichi will participate in the pooja. This pooja will be performed in all Thai Fridays and in the daytime of Thai Fridays also.

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