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Thyagaraja Temple, Thiruvarur – Theerthams

Thyagaraja Temple, Thiruvarur – Theerthams
Kamalalaya Theertham:
Kamalalaya Theertham is the important Theertham associated with his temple. The vast Kamalalaya tank is situated to the west of the temple. A shrine of Naganathar is located at the center of the pond. Kamalalayam got its name since Mahalakshmi did penance to Moolattaneswarar here to marry Lord Vishnu. The temple tank is as big as the temple itself and measures an area of 33 acres making it as one of the largest in the country (the other Theertham Sengazhuneer Odai is also of the same size) and has a separate temple at the centre.

The small temple of Sri Naduvana Nathar Temple with a small gopuram is located in the middle of the Kamalalayam temple tank. We have to go in boat and pradosha abishekam is very special here. There are 64 bathing Ghats here and each one give us a specific benefit by bathing and donating specific articles. The details of these are displayed at every Ghat. The most sacred of them is considered to be Devaneertha Kattam, opposite the West gopuram of the temple.

Maintaining a tradition unbroken for over two thousand years, Theppam, a joyous festival on a full moon January day is celebrated.  A large raft with musicians singing praises of the lord is floated on the Kamalalayam.  A ten-day Utsavam is celebrated every year during the months of March/ April.  

Other Theerthams:
River Chandra flows to the north of the temple; Temple tanks Brahma Theertham in front of the temple, Indra Theertham on the south and Agasthya on the west. The Sakthi Theertham near Amman shrine serves for the abishekam of the deities.

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