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Bhaktavatsala Perumal Temple, Tirukannamangai – Legends

Bhaktavatsala Perumal Temple, Tirukannamangai – Legends
Varuna retrieving Pasayudham here:
Varuna, the guardian deity of the west who can give immense happiness was able to retrieve his ‘Pasayudham’ which was seized by Ravana, after performing penance here.
Mahalakshmi marrying Vishnu here:
As per another legend, when the Ocean of milk was churned by Asuras and Devas, various objects emerged from it. At the end of it, Lakshmi, the consort of Vishnu emerged and was too shy to look at Vishnu. She went on to Thirukannamangai to perform penance seeking the hands of Vishnu for marriage. The festival deity of the temple is called Perum Purak katal as he is believed to have left his place to marry her. Local legend marks the places as Lakshmi Vanam, the forest where Lakshmi performed her penance.
Markandeya performing penance to achieve Chiranjeevi:
Markandeyar performed penance here and got the boon to remain a deathless one (Chiranjeevi).
Sage Romasa explaining Nala Story to Pandavas:
The sage Romasar was living and doing penance here. At that time he was requested by Indiran to go and meet the Pandavas during their Aaranya vasam.  He did so and consoled Dharmaputhra by narrating the tale of King Nala.
Chandran afflicted with disease due to illicit Affair:
Chandran did an unforgivable mistake by having an illicit association with the wife of Brihaspati. As a result, he was afflicted with a severe disease and was hated by the world. Chandran was ashamed and approached Brahma who advised him to take bath in the holy waters of Dharshana Pushkarani and get rid of his curse at Thirukkannanmangai.
Brahmi taking bath in Darshan Pushkarani:
Brahmi, one of the Saptha Mathas, and mother of Thilothamai wanted a holy dip in Ganges. On search she was advised by Markandeya and sage Romasar that there is no holier place than Krishna Mangala Kshetram and no holier waters than Darshan Pushkarani. Brahmi came over to Thirukkannanmangai.
Lord Kashi Viswanathar came to Thirukkannanmangai ahead of Brahmi, at Dharsana Pushkarani and gave darshan to Brahmi much to her surprise. It is because there exists a proverb “Gangai Adu Mangai Adu” (meaning Bathe in Gange and then bathe in the Thirukkannanmangai tank).
Thirukkanna Mangai Aandan performing Pushpa Kainkaryam:
Thirukkanna Mangai Aandan, the disciple of Nathamunigal was born here and was performing Pushpa Kainkaryam (i.e) the duty to render flowers for god.
There's a forest named "Bhadhrivanam" and it's mostly like the one found in Naimisaranyam and Bhadhrinath. This place is considered idle for performing penance.
River Cauvery as garland to Vishnu:
River Cauvery splits up into two brooks and runs in the North and South side of the temple forming a Garland to the god.
Yogis and Devas are in the form of Bees:
Godess Mahalakshmi performed penance in the "Shree Mandapan" of this temple and after having a bath in the pushkarani she gave her hand to Bhaktavatsala Perumal. Hence she is called as "Abishekavalli" and this place is also called as "Lakshmi Vanam". There's a very old bee hive in her Sannathi. It's being said that great rishi's and Yogis unable to bear to leave the god transformed themselves as bee's and are in his company forever. The beehive in the temple is believed to be devas worshipping Vishnu and in modern times, has special rituals performed for it.
Bhaktaraavi Perumal:
Our human soul is named Jeevatma and the soul of the great god as Paramathama. In every Jeevathma paramathama lays on hidden position. To explain this and to kindle the interest of every Jeevathma to enclave itself with the Paramathama, the god Bhaktavatsala perumal transforms his soul and gives in place for the Jeevathma and hence, as the god mingles his soul with those of his disciples he is known as Bhaktaraavi perumal.
Krishna Mangala Kshetram:
As Lakshmi’s wedding took place here at Thiru Kannamangai, this place is called Krishna Mangala Kshetram.
Shiva guarding this place:
Shiva is believed to guard the four corners of the temple. Belief is that one who stays here for a night will attain Moksham.
Brahma worshipped Vamana:
The temple tank is believed to have originated from the water drops in Brahma's cache when he worshipped Vamana, an avatar of Vishnu.
Thirukkanna Mangai Andan attained salvation here:
Acharya Nathamunigal, who edited the devotional verses of 12 Alwars under the caption Nalayira Divya Prabandam, had a disciple named Thirukkanna Mangai Andan. His mission in life was to serve Lord, clean the temple and place him at Lord’s feet. While he was chanting the Vedas one day, suddenly he took the form of a dog, entered into the sanctum sanctorum and merged with Perumal as a Jyoti.  A festival dedicated to him on the Thiruvonam star day in the month of Aani – June-July is devotionally celebrated. The place is named after him as Thirukkanna Mangai
Sapthamrutha Kshetram:
The Shree Kannamangai Bhaktavatsala Perumal Temple depicts the six major criteria of temple presentations, and these include - Vimana, Aaranya, Mandapa, Theertha Kshetra Mahatmiyam, River and City Mahatmayam. These six criteria enable a temple or sacred place to be recognised as a Saptha punya kshetra or sapthamrutha kshetra. 

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