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Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Veeraraghavapuram – Legends

Varadharaja Perumal Temple, Veeraraghavapuram – Legends
Lord came as a commander in support of King Paramarajan:
Few centuries back, a king by name Paramarajan was ruling over this part of Thirunelveli. He held this region as his capital. While bathing in the Padmanabha Theertha part of Tambiraparani (now called Kurukkuthurai), the king got a blue stone idol of Lord Vishnu. Naming the Lord Varadaraja Perumal, he built a temple installing the Lord. He was a staunch devotee of Varadharaja Perumal. He always used to pray Lord Varadharaja Perumal enthroned in his palace and chant the name of Lord Sri Rama. Observing the deep piety of this king, the neighboring king utilized the chance to attack him.
Deeply plunged in the worship of the Lord, the king was not prepared militarily to face the invasion on his land. He prayed to the Lord to protect him, his subjects and his land. The Lord, responding to the prayers of the king, came to the battlefield in his form, fought the enemies and defeated and drove the enemies back. The Lord-Perumal who came as the commander of the king’s army is the presiding deity of the temple. Lord appeared before king Paramarajan as 'Veeraraghavan', the embodiment of bravery and valour.
Deeply moved by the divine vision, the king sang a few slogans in praise of the Lord as stated in Thamirabarani Mahatmiyam (Ch: 16-17). King Krishnavarma felt happy and constructed a temple for Lord Veeraraghavan to show his gratitude. He formed a city called Veeraraghavapuram around it and also called Veeraraghava Theertha Kattam in river Thamirabarani, which flows as uthiravahini (towards north) in this Kshetram. Hence this area holds the name Veeraraghavapuram.
Lord ever graceful to devotees:
A devotee of Lord Veeraraghava came to the temple after performing the Darpan for his ancestors in River Tambiraparani. He wanted to have the personal darshan of the Lord but the Lord did not come. The devotee began a fasting till he came to a fainting stage. Pleased with his determination, Lord appeared before him when the Uchikala Pooja (afternoon pooja) was on. The Lord is so graceful to his devotees. Lord Veeraraghava appears so handsomely enticing the devotees.

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