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Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Shenbakkam, Vellore

Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Shenbakkam, Vellore
Raghavendra Swami Mutt is an ancient Hindu religious mutt located at Shenbakkam Village near Vellore Town in Vellore District of Tamil Nadu. It is located on the banks of the Palar river. This Mutt houses the Navabrindhavans of Madhava saints. Navabrindhavans (Nava = 9 + Brindhavana = holy shrine) is defined as a place where Nine Moola Brindavanas of Sri Madhava saints are found/buried under earth. This place was once a hub for teaching Sastras/Vedas/Patta/Pravachan which spread the uniqueness of Tatvavaadha philosophy. This is the same place where Madhava Saints, Kings, Muslim (Mughal) rulers all did their Yatha Shakthi Seva to the living Saints here.

There are three famous Navabrindhavans in South India as follows:
1.    Anegundi Navabrindavana near Hampi, Karnataka
2.    Nava Jeeva Brindhavana of Erode, Tamilnadu
3.    Shenbakkam Navabrindavana, Vellore, Tamilnadu
Kambalur Ramachandra Theertha:
A miracle happened in the life of Sri Kambalur Ramachandra Theertha, is when he was engrossed in meditation, Nanjundayya, his ideological adversary who could not win over him in the tharkas tried to hurl a heavy stone at him. Saint Vadiraja who learnt of it while doing penance, made the stone stay in the air. Theertha asked his disciples to preserve the stone and keep it on top of his Brindavanam (which was built in 1632).
The Nayak kings of Arcot, Timmappa Nayak and his son Chinnabommi Nayak, also called Sevappa Nayak, started building a mighty fort at Vellore. But every time, a portion of the wall was constructed it would collapse. Also, the water in the moat would drain away. Not knowing what to do, they approached Sri Sathyathiraja Theertha. He prayed to Lord Varuna and Samudraraja and gave them a stone and asked them to drop it in the moat. He also asked them to build brindavanas on the walls of the fort. Till date, the fort and the moat around it bear testimony to this incident. Since Sri Sathyathiraja Theertha gave a stone to hold the fort up, Vellore is also called Rayavelur - Rayi means stone in Telugu.
For brief details, please refer below link;
Nava Brindavanams
For brief details, please refer below link;
For brief details, please refer below link;
Sri Guru Raghavendra Brindhavana Seva Trust,
Dhakshina Navabrindhavan,
Sri Madhvavijaya Nagara, 
Shenbakkam, Vellore District – 632 008
Mobile: +91 94431 04959 / 94866 21440 / 99945 82779
The Mutt is located at about 2.5 Kms from Mullipalayam Bus Stop, 3 Kms from Vellore Town Railway Station, 3 Kms from Vellore Old Bus Stand, 4 Kms from Vellore, 3.5 Kms from Vellore New Bus Stand, 5 Kms from Vellore Cantonment Railway Station, 9 Kms from Katpadi, 12 Kms from Virinjipuram, 139 Kms from Chennai and 131 Kms from Chennai Airport.
Shenbakkam is situated on the Bangalore – Chennai highway. While going from Chennai to Vellore, you will come across a huge bridge at the entrance of the city. Go down the bridge and take a right turn at the third intersection. The road will automatically lead to the Navabrindavana. There are also signboards to guide visitors.

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