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Moolanathaswamy Temple, Thenkarai, Sholavandan – Legends

Moolanathaswamy Temple, Thenkarai, Sholavandan – Legends
Veerapandian skin disease got cured here:
As per inscriptions, King Veerapandian developed this temple in a big way since his Venkushtam disease (Leprosy) was cured by taking a dip at the holy pond of this Temple.
Bhilvaaranya Mahatmiyam:
Bhilvaaranya Mahatmiyam is a Palm script that details the mythic history and many interesting stories about this village.
Sage Thirumoolar installed the Lingam here:
The temple was considered to be very old and the Lingam was installed and worshiped by the sage Thirumoolar.
Bhilvaaranya Kshetram:
Thenkarai is mentioned in old scriptures as Bhilvaaranya Kshetram because once this area was covered with Bilva, a divine tree, leaves of which is offered to Lord Siva.
Dhakshina Vahini:
River Vaigai flows in North-South direction and so she is called here
as Dhakshina Vahini.
Mother Akilandeswari performed penance here to marry Lord Shiva:
Goddess Akilandeswari, as a spinster had done her penance her so as to marry Lord Moolanathar.

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